Car Shipping in the U.S?

If I were to ship a car cross country across the US, specifically from florida->California (SF) or NY->CA, how much should I be expecting to pay? On a side note, if someone could recommend a cheap/dependable shipper to me via Private message (otherwise this would be IMHO material), i’d appreciate it.

Thanks in advance to any and all who reply. :smiley:

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I’m aware of two methods. There may be more.

You can engage an auto transport company. The car would be shipped on a car carrier such as you see new cars being hauled on. I would expect it to cost many hundred dollars. When I did it twenty-some years ago, the car was picked up at a garage in Elko, Nevada and brought to a shipping lot in Kansas City (no door-to-door delivery) for about 300-400. Immediate service wasn’t offered, I had to wait for a full load to be scheduled. Advantage of this method–it’s done by professionals who are competent and responsible.

The other option is to engage a “drive-away” company. They match cars going to a given destination with drivers willing to take them. Often the drivers are students who get paid a modest amount to do this. There’s always the question of how will the car be treated during the drive. My sense is that there’s limited quality control and accountability. Advantage of this method–it’s way cheaper than the other.

following up on Gary T’s second idea - if you have a neighbor or know someone that has a child you can trust maybe you can get them to do it for pretty cheap. If your car is your precious baby I wouldn’t recommend this method though.

When I was in college I was home in NJ and my neighbor’s daughter had a pickup truck in NJ that she wanted in Hawaii where she lived. I was going back to school out in Colorado so what I did was drive the truck from NJ to the docks in Oakland, dealt with the shipping company, then flew back to Colorado.