Car shopping

I had a minor accident and my insurance company inexplicably considers my car “totaled”. So now I need a new car. I’m looking for a commuter type car. Something inexpensive (8K-15K) that’s durable. Nothing fancy, just something to get me to where I’m going. What’s my best value? Does Kia make a dependable car?

Oh, and what website can I use to avoid salesmen?


“Totaled” means the cost to repair your damage is more than what the car is worth. Since it’s cheaper to pay you the car’s value than to fix it, the insurance company is opting to do just that.

Stay far away from Kia. Everything I’ve read says to run, and run far.

Toyota, Mazda, Honda. You can run the wheels off of them and find them in good condition used.

I second the Kia warning. What size car are you looking for? Honda Civics generally get the highest ratings. They’re dependable, have good fuel economy, well-made cars. They also have high resale prices, but in that price range you should have no problem finding a good one.
I just bought a Saturn ION used for a little cheaper than you’re current budget and it seems a pretty good little car. Plus Saturn has the lowest (so they tell me) insurance rates in the business. Very safe cars.
Look at or for used/new cars in your area.

Oh, and Carmax (as well as Saturn, and I believe Scion) has a no haggle-policy if you just want to now exactly what the car will cost when you see it. Carmax also is dependable for giving you good cars. They are also quite a bit more expensive than most places I’ve seen.

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Something along the lines of a 4-door sedan.

So I better stay away from Kia…check into Hondas.