Car Stereo Buffs?? Help Please.

Hiya all…

I have a Holden Commodore Sedan and I have to put my Bloupunkt stereo in it. I have 4 way 6x9’s, a 10" sub in a box and a 3 channel amp.

I also have to fit a large amount of gear for work in the boot of the car so there is not a lot of room left over for the sub box.

Any suggestions of getting good sound and reasonable bass out of this system? I do not know wether or not to put the sub box in, as it takes up a lot of room and I need as much space as possible in the boot.

I am also considering getting split speakers for the front - which brings up another question… once I get them, Should I upgrade to a 4 channel amp or leave it as it is?
thanks in advance for your help.


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Cajun Man - SDMB Moderator

IF you’re sub is boxed, you shouldn’t be having any sort of problem with bass. Of course, this is also dependant upon proper power being fed to the sub.

What brand?

How much power?

And do you have the right square footage for the box?

After that, we can see what else may be done.

Amplifiers: If the amplifier is small enough, try to install it under one of the front seats. Or possibly in the trunk, but screwed into the backside of the rear seat.

Some people have gotten away with mounting the amplifier upside down, screwed to the underside of the rear deck. (Rear deck= the flat shelf behind the back seat, where the rear speakers usually sit.)

It would be wise to do some research on your particular subwoofer, so that you can build the smallest enclosure possible.

Many people have sacrificed their spare tire, and used the tire well as a subwoofer enclosure----either by simply mounting a board over the hole, or doing more elaborate work with fiberglass.

There are a few brands of infinite baffle subwoofers, which require no box----they mount to the rear deck just like the 6x9s. Kicker and JL Audio, for example, make such woofers.

If you do put your woofer in a standard box, use quick-disconnect wiring, and make the whole thing easy to remove, for when you need even more cargo-carrying capacity. (For this reason, don’t mount your amplifier to the speaker box—there would be way too many wires to disconnect each time.)

If you visit, do a search on “AP Mat” or “Aperiodic Membrane” — it’s an uncommon way of installing a subwoofer without a box. I haven’t attempted such a setup before, so I don’t have an opinion on it, but it sure is worth looking into. Richard Clark is one of the writers for Car Sound magazine; he seems to know a lot about AP setups.

Here are some useful links for you: The discussion forums are filled with intelligent people, many of them working for manufacturers. I’m a regular there, too. The discussion forums are mostly newbies arguing about nonsense. But there’s a wonderful section where people post descriptions and photos of their installations----even if you don’t find a car like yours, you’ll get loads of new ideas. Highly intelligent site, with lots of common-sense explanations of how various car audio and security things work.

P.S. Just took a quick look at that Holden page you linked to…seems like quite the car, and I wonder if any are around in the U.S. With the untimely demise of the Chevy Caprice, America only has one real sedan left–the Ford Crown Victoria. It’s nice to see that elsewhere in the world, you can still get a good sized car with a good sized engine-----is it rear wheel drive too?

Thanks Cajun Man I wasn’t sure where to put it…
Tristan: It’s not so much a problem with the amp / sub box combo, but it’s a problem with trying to get decent amplified sound without useing a sub box. the 10" sub box worked fine with this amp in a different car - albeit a huge SUV type vehical.

Chris Luongo: yup, the Holden Commodore is rear wheel drive, the later models come with independant rear suspension, but the one I have dosen’t. I’m not sure if that particular car is available in the US, seeing as you lot drive on the wrong side of the road :smiley: , But anythings possible I suppose. I’ll have a look at those links you posted.

Thanks again…

I just heard on the news over here that Holden will be shipping out the Monaro, a two door coupe, 5.7 litre Generation III V8, which is based on the later-model Commodore sedan later this year. I think they’ll be badged as a 2004 model Pontiac GTO, so keep an eye out for it :).