Car stereo: No sound in drive

Weird. This just started happening recently and has progressively gotten worse over a couple weeks. At first the sound on the car stereo would cut out when breaking hard or hitting a hard bump (sounds like wiring issue, maybe). Then, if the sound cut out popping it into neutral and back into drive would solve the issue. Now, there’s no sound while in drive at all. In neutral or park or any other gear, there’s sound. The stereo is still on and everything else about it works in every way. Just no sound in drive.

Fuse? Wiring? What gives?

You wouldn’t happen to be driving a Ford Taurus or Mercury Sable, would you?,528275

Actually, it’s a Ford Windstar (which are problematic to begin with). I wonder if the guy in that article was losing power to his stereo or just sound to the speakers as in my situation. But I think it’s more than likely a loose wire somewhere and I hope like heck it’s not worn motor mount. I can’t afford any more car repairs right now.

If the symptom described – doesn’t work in Drive, works in every other gear – occurs with the engine not running (but ignition on, of course), you can be sure it’s an electrical glitch, not related to a motor mount. Unfortunately, it’s then likely a unique problem that will require electrical troubleshooting to solve, and no one will know how much time and trouble is involved until after the solution has been achieved.

Started up this morning and we had music in all gears, including drive. Got out of the driveway and lost it in drive. Gonna try pulling out the stereo to check for loose wiring and then rewiring the speaker wires.