Car theft V3.0

Hopefully this’ll be the last one…
On some cars that I’ve driven (95 tahoe, 98 grand am, and I’m sure most newer GM’s) theres a theftlock system on the radio that when set will prompt the user for a code before the radio is used anytime it has lost power (ie ripped out of car, dead battery) now. When this system is enabled it will have a blinking LED on the radio whenever the car is off, do you think that this would (at night anyways) have a better chance of detering someone from messing with the car or attracting them (esp if they know what it is and that it won’t cause loud sirens when the window is broken). Along the same lines, in one of the other car thefts someone metnioned a “ninja spike” and I was wondering how that works exactly and how it is different then a rock through the window

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