"carbamate bomb,"


Where can “I” Buy a “carbamate bomb,” ???



Posible site for buying said bomb.

FWIW, I accomplished this buy copying your thread title and pasting it into a search engine whose name is becoming a common word in it’s own right.

I’m guessing that some people want to have a conversation on their question, or have people laugh at their question, which are goals you can’t accomplish simply by Googling a phrase.

So, by StraightDopeForuming his question, he’s now able to enter a dialogue about it (or have you laugh at it).

That’d be the whoosh, Bob. I believe he was trying to tell the OP he should have included a link to Cecil’s column, not that he should have googled the answer to his question.

I was actually implying both.

I guess I’m the whone being whooshed… is there something I’m supposed to be laughing at? I like to laugh.

Dialogue, not-so-much.

Maybe laughing at it isn’t the right phrase. Appreciating his cleverness, perhaps?

His “quote marks” lead me to believe that he think that he is issuing clever rhetoric.