Carbon capture at home?

Stranger - fully agree. Yet there are so many “science proposals” and many get funded without active criticism from the scientific community.

Hog fuel to anything useful is usually hog wash. First of all it is energy intensive to collect hog fuel - because it is lying all around and it gets mixed with dirt, stones etc. Next transporting hog fuel is a huge endeavor and probably takes more energy than the hog fuel contains. This is because hog fuel is very low density and contains about 50 percent water. Next once it reaches the plant, it has to be cleaned. Then it has to cut to small pieces. Then it has to be dried - taking more energy. When you dry biomass, it gives off volatile compounds that need their own treatment system. Even when dry, their composition changes day to day and the ash is low melting point and clogs up most equipment.

Genetically engineered sugar cane can’t produce enough sugar per square meter? There is an island in Japan that did that. But the amount of settled land serviced by the resulting methanol is likely smaller than the size of the cane fields. And only for municipal government vehicles.

In my case I imagined it would be from the large excess solar electricity I have in summer.

I get a good FIT for it, but this is not about the money of course.

The larger idea is to store the summer excess for use in winter. Long dark and cold winters here when I get practically no solar at all. Not that the methanol would do very much, it’s just for fun and education.

Ah, I get it.

Have you considered building your own pump storage instead? Any convenient mountains around? :wink:

I once tried to calculate how much water storage I would need at what height difference (forgot what it was…)

More recently I settled on a 5x8x3 meter water tank buried under my house. With a 30 degC temperature difference it would store all the heat I need over a winter season. Still looking for a contractor that won’t laugh at me in my face…