Card Trick...How does this work?

I received this link in an email this morning, please tell me how this works.

I know there has to be a simple explanation, please enlighten me.



I won’t tell you right away. Go back to the page and write down the names of ALL the cards. Compare with new cards.

All of the cards are gone the second time around. They look similar, but they are different suits/off by one.

Cute though.

Thank you.

Note to self: Have coffee prior to reading email.


This same card trick is an old subject, fooled alot of people. But it was fun.

Snopes says the same thing.

Last year one of my roommates was actually scared of this. Although not quite a fundie, she had an aversion to things she deemed “satanic.” That included this card game (the particular version she found had a pentagram, flames, etc.). She forwarded the link to me, and I was able to placate her rather quickly.

A Satanic card trick??? :eek:

I wonder what your friend thinks of David Copperfield. Or Penn & Teller, even.