"Care and feeding"

“Proper care and feeding of a kitchen knife?”
“Proper care and feeding of a MacBook Pro?”
“Proper care and feeding of a refrigerator magnet?”
“Proper care and feeding of a pet iguana?”
“Proper care and feeding of a staple gun?”
"Proper care and feeding of a leather coat?

Only one of these topics makes any fucking sense. The others do not. “Care and feeding” does not apply to inanimate objects. You don’t care for and/or feed a leather coat. It doesn’t fucking eat, and it doesn’t care if you care about it.

The right word to use with inanimate objects is maintenance. So use it. “Proper maintenance for a leather coat?” Enough with this cutesy, anthropomorphizing shit.

You sound. . .twitchy.

Off to MPSIMS with you.

It’s just a metaphor. Maybe overused, but lighten up, man.

“Proper Care and Feeding of Absolute?”

I’m unfamiliar with that series—but then, I’ve been unable to think clearly since inadvertently reading a book intended “for Dummies.”

“Maintenance,” while acceptable, sounds to my lazy ears a little labor-intensive for a leather coat, from which I likewise expect very little in return. “Care” sounds doable, though.

Speaking of maintenance, it sounds like Absolute hasn’t had his oil changed in awhile.

Well, come on! You’re supposed to swear and exaggerate in the Pit. Now that it’s in MPSIMS I just seem like a nutcase.

Nah. Too easy. :smiley:

BTW, what is the proper care and feeding of nutcases?

Why, keep the hinges oiled and the nuts polished.

Haha. My 15 yo is going to visit her biological father in California for Spring Break. The last time she saw him was in 2001 – she was 7. The email I sent him detailing rules for her visit (bedtime, clothing, movie watching, etc) had “Care and feeding of your teenaged daughter” as the subject header.