Carl Orff's other works - worth buying?

Everyone knows the Carmina Burana because of the famous ‘O Fortuna’ opening piece. However, I love the whole damn thing. It’s amazingly complex, with fantastic tunes, innovative harmonies, and weird jazz-influenced rhythms. I sang tenor for the whole thing when I was at school, and loved the experience too.

Now, I am aware that Orff wrote Catulli Carmina and Trionfo di Afrodite to create a trilogy. My question is: are these as good? Or was the CB his masterwork, and the others will leave me disappointed? Anyone have any opinions?

I haven’t heard the other works you mention, but I have heard some of Orff’s works which were written as teaching pieces. They were good, but didn’t have nearly the sparkle or power that Carmina has. Still, as long as you’re not buying the Decca/London recording of Carmina Burana by Orff, I’d say you’re not wasting your money. (That recording is the most anemic version I’ve ever heard!)

Yeah, I had that version on vinyl. I’m glad that my stylus broke 10 years ago and I never replaced it.


No opinions, or no good?

In answer to your question: worth buying? no, the others are not worth buying. I was really disappointed and I assume that you will be as well.

Thank you very much. I shall now actively not purchase said CDs.

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