Carpet & Paint: How much?

We’re thinking of buying a condo that needs new carpet and paint. The seller is considering giving an allowance for us to re-carpet and re-paint. I don’t know how much they are going to give yet, but I don’t know how to figure out how much it would cost us to have it done professionally so I can compare what the seller is offering.

It’s an 864 sq foot place, all of which needs new paint and most of which needs new carpet. Does anyone know what this might cost? Or can tell me how to find out? I need to figure this out asap, in the next few hours.

Thanks for any help!

Depends on the carpet.
You might visit Home Depot and get an idea of the varied costs of carpet (and pad) - ask them how much to add for installation. As far as the paint, call a paint contractor for a guesstimate. YOu need to remember that any holes that need to be patched with have to be done so beforehand, ask if that is included. Also, what condition are the walls in now? What color is on the walls. If it is a dark color, your painter may have to charge more for extra applications. Figure about $30 a gallon on paint, $5.99 and up for carpet per square yard.

If you need this quick, use at least $20 a yard for carpet installed with padding, $5.99 is very cheap carpet. I had a condo that size and I think I paid around $1000 to have it painted.

The allowance may not pay in full for the quality that you really want.