Carpet Urine Stains

THis stuff is all over my apartment. :smack: What’s the best way to go about getting it all out?

Last night I ruipped up the carpet and the padding in my den because it was starting to smell like – well – a den. Our cat had been peeing on the carpet.

I’d tried shampooing the rugs, which worked for a time, but which didn’t clean the padding underneath. And which didn’t completely get rid of the urine in the rug itself, either.
Fortunately, there was linoleum under the padding, which protected the flooring.

After my experience, my advice is to tear up the carpeting and padding and tear it out. My garage now smells of old urine, and will until the garbage gets picked up.

I stand patiently until the stream stops, then give it a couple shakes.

That rug really tied the room together, Dude.

I have had good luck with Petzyme. I’ve never had a cat-accident that Petzyme couldn’t neutralize, however I don’t have padding under my carpets; they’re all throw rugs and persian rugs. Can you peel the carpet back and replace just the funkified section of padding?

I’m not sure what I would do if my carpet was urinating all over the room.

Well-spoken, Joey P

Oxy-Clean works well.