Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney

I assumed so they could busk for a while. (Can you imagine seeing someone at his level standing on a street corner performing for spare change?)

And one question from me. After Paul pointed out the church, he seemed to say, “And that’s where the nurse was.” What did he actually say?

I assumed that’s what he did say, and that he was referring to the “Penny Lane” lyrics:

Behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout
The pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray

Thank you. I forgot that lyric. It’s interesting how specific his lyrics were to a particular time and place, which made this tour particularly interesting. I’m not sure if there are any other musicians whose music is so tied to a location.

Ah, got it. Thanks.

I’ve been to Liverpool 5 times and inside Paul McCartney’s house twice, in fact I was just there in May. John Lennon’s and Paul McCartney’s childhood homes are owned by the National Trust and are available for tours through the NT. Each home has a custodian who lives there year round and gives the tours several times per week. Photography inside each home is strictly prohibited, although the NT does sell inexpensive guidebooks which have photos.

The pub that Paul performs at is the Philharmonic Pub. It’s wonderful and is best known for the marble toilets inside the men’s bathroom.

Paul McCartney returns to Liverpool about once a year. He confounded the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and is often there for their graduation.

The shelter in the middle of the roundabout is empty now, it used to be a bus stop and was Sgt. Pepper’s Bistro after the bus stop closed.

As noted by dalej42 immediately above, the gents in the Philharmonic are famous as the elaborate example of Victorian pub toilets. Quite probably the most renowned set of such in the country. But obviously off limits to women most of the time, so there’s the exception made once a year to let them in to see them in all their architectural glory.

And here’s a tour

I don’t know anything about the show but I’m guessing the current resident of the house got the heads-up. I saw some stuff that seemed to indicate the home was lived in. Sure did seem awfully neat and clean, though! Funny thing that.

Also, not many people keep their living room upright piano perfectly tuned.

It’s a museum.

Yes I see that now. Thanks.

Thanks, bonzer.

If he made a careful explanation, I’m sure they’d figure it out.

That was lovely.

ETA: Even better than the one he did with Michelle Obama, and that totally fucking rocked.

I saw this when it aired and thought it was the best thing James Corden ever did. Like watching history in the making. Very cool.

I still love Paul.

Humor acknowledged.

When Craig Ferguson left The Late Late Show I really felt that James Corden had been tossed in the deep end. How could you follow Ferguson? I was apprehensive, Corden is a likeable guy,I didn’t want to see him go under. I needn’t have worried. Soon Corden made the show his own; Carpool Karaoke was a stroke of genius and this particular episode was incredible. I haven’t a clue how Corden gets the guests he does but the kid did well!

CBS’s treatment of the Corden show vs. the Ferguson one is day and night. For one thing, they own the Corden version. So they are throwing a bunch of money at it.

Imagine what Ferguson’s show would have been like with all that money, a band, etc.

The McCartney tour was nearly great. Would have been completely great without the smug, giggling idiot being part of it. He esp. interfered with the joy of the pub scene.

I noticed pictures on the wall of the flat showing Paul and the Beatles. So it being a museum makes sense.

The small tastes of Beatlemania here and there was amazing. That just one Beatle can still cause that all this decades later is a testament to what the full thing was like.

Women were crying in the pub. Just like the ones in the theater in a Hard Days Night and on Ed Sullivan. Wow.

There was nothing about that piano that was perfectly tuned.

No, but it was better tuned that I expected it to be, based on the time frame.

And everywhere.