Carrie Prejean vs. Larry King [merged threads]

And the real question is: does she even know what that word means?

See the video for yourself here.

I always thought Prejean came across as a twit, but this just takes the cake. For cryin’ out loud. . .

For those who can’t watch, Larry prefaces his question by saying he knows the mediation with the Miss CA organization is confidential, but asks what her motivations for settling would be if she felt she was doing what was right. He asks this question no less than 3 different ways and she is clearly confused. She takes off her microphone (as they take a call from a gay man, oddly enough) and sits there staring blankly at the camera, then talking to someone off to the side.

She understood the question. She didn’t want to answer it because doing so would force her to admit that she cares more for money-grubbing and attention-whoring than her disgusting principle.

That woman makes me sick.

Or that they showed her (and her mother, apparently) a video of her diddling herself. Oopsies, Christian values.

Beh, those only matter when you’re denying others their rights, not when it comes to examining your own behavior! Didn’t you get the memo?

Yeah, this is pretty much her whole shtick.

I would like to deny her the right to diddle herself. Can I do that?

I have no good reason, I’m just mean spirited. I like to be able to do things I know other people can’t. Makes it that much better, ya know.

Do so with my blessing. :slight_smile:

If you saw Larry King with Carrie Prejean featured, you saw a pissed off Carrie Prejean acting like a spoiled brat. Nice manipulation of facts Larry, you friggen bedwetter. I’ve got Carrie’s back on this one. Here is a little info on the issue if anyone is interested.
Larry, listen up…
You forgot to explain to the public that you had agreed, before hand, NOT to talk about her lawsuit against the Miss California pageant. That’s reasonable on her part. Yet, you blurted out a question about it and mock her “inappropriate” comment.
You also forgot to mention that you had agreed NOT to take call-in questions. Then you took call-in questions. Honorable not Larry. If that’s not bad enough, you presented Carrie as a spoiled brat when she objected to what you had done. She’s not. She was nicer than I would have been. I blame you Larry. You agreed to conditions and you failed to keep them.

Larry, you’re a pantload on this one.

Larry King = human fungus.

Dang, I thought this would be a thread kicking Larry King’s butt for being a clueless enabler of ignorant B-list celebs who spout bullshit about vaccination and cancer treatment.

Guess that’ll have to wait for another time.

Can the OP provide a link to those alleged agreements? So far it’s just her word, right?

The local news (she lives in our neighborhood) this morning presented the story from both sides. I don’t know if I could provide any more than the news repeating what Carrie had said the agreement was though. Her immediate reaction to the question and her comments do give credit to her position.

Then I pit Prejean for going on Larry King and demanding that he not ask questions or take phone calls like he does on every other show he’s ever done in his entire life … which is approximately 800 years, if I’m not mistaken.

Can’t this moron get a spot on Hannity if she just wants her bunny petted?

While the article the OP linked states that Prejean was 17 when she made the sex tape, according to an interview posted last night on TMZ, she lied. The ex-boyfriend for whom she made the tape says that she was, in fact, 20 years old. He also states that it was not the only explicit video she sent him, which directly contradicts her story.

Further, when initially shown the video, she immediately denied it was her until a shot of her face contradicted her. Finally, she tried the whole “I was underage!” thing when her topless photos came out, as well, and was once again lying, as she was 19.

Ms. Prejean has a history of being dishonest if it serves her cause. Though it’s possible she was being truthful this time, I’m not terribly inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt.

This is the woman who was all in favor of free speech, right?

So what was she planning on talking about?

We could still pit King for allegedly agreeing to all those ridiculous conditions before breaking them.

She was there to shill her book. Watch the video – she keeps bringing the book into frame.

I don’t believe we have any evidence that such agreements existed. Prejean says “she was told she wouldn’t have to take calls.” Told by who? When does LK ever not take calls? I don’t believe her.

I don’t see anything in the article indicating she had an agreement that she wouldn’t be asked about her lawsuit either, just her whining and pouting that it was “inappropriate.”

I can’t see any reason to attack Larry King here. I just see a spoiled little bitch who thinks her 15 seconds should be all about her basking in love and adoration while she tells her heart rending personal story.

I don’t like it when interviewers pander to those kinds of agreements from guests anyway, and certainly see no reason they should be honored.

When does her fuck tape come out?

Just noting that asking about the agreement isn’t anything special to him. I saw clips from another one of the interviews she’s gone on recently (I think it was the Today show?) where she was questioned about why she had agreed to a settlement. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the other shows she’s been on lately had done so.

I’d like someone to ask her about her understanding of “free speech” and the First Amendment, personally, since last I checked she’s still wailing about how her “right to free speech” has been abridged.

I’m fairly certain this is the first and only time Larry King will ever be pitted for actually acting like a journalist. The man could make Pol Pot seem like a sympathetic figure.