You wrote in this thread.

I thought I flushed you when I squeezed you out of my ass.

Is there any chance you were wooshed in this instance?


I think you were, Lib.

Ew, gross, dude.

I guess it wasn’t quite as obvious as I’d hoped that I was not, in fact, serious. Already I’ve got Libertarian and Airman Doors on my ass.

Ah well, back to the drawing board.

Although, Lib, if you just think it’s not funny, there’s better ways to say it.

You’ve got a lot of nerve telling people how to say things.

and as a parody master, Lib, you’ve got a lot of nerve to pit people over it.

Hold on a minute, Jarbaby!

There is not one iota of indication whatsoever that Carrot was joking (if in fact he/she was). It sound straight out of Storm Front to me. I responded in the way I thought I should.

If you want to get pissy at me for it, suit yourself.

I thought Carrot was going for the supertroll as well. If you call that a sense of humor, you need a tudor or something.

I didn’t tell you how to say it, I just mentioned that there are better ways.

I mean, would you automatically assume from your post (which, I think, was something scatological) that it was a general critique of my attempt at humor? Perhaps you find your feces extremely funny, but who is to know? No explanations, nothing.

Therefore, one (that would be me) can only assume that the invective is in reaction to the rather unenlightened opinion expressed.

Hence the comment suggesting a restating of your original post. Maybe you could give me some pointers.

Here’s a restatement: fuck you. And fuck anybody who comes in this thread to chastise me for calling out a homophobe.

Oooh, Catherine of Aragon, please?

Well, we got Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Elizabeth I, but we’re right out of Bloody Mary (I think the Libertarian’s been drinking a bit).

I think someone needs a nap.

Yup, gotta disagree as well, j-babe. Lib’s parodies are very specifically parodies, and are based directly on another’s words. Not the same case here.

Way I figured it, either Carrot was joking, in which case I’d move on, or he was just trolling, in which case I’d move on.

I thought he was being facetious as well. But carrot, a little bit of advice: you haven’t been around that long, and we don’t know you that well, so it might be hard to tell if you’re joking or not. Might want to include a smilie or something.:slight_smile:

I don’t drink. But I could in fact use a nap.

Lib, what the H are you talking about? carrot just said he wasn’t serious. Or aren’t you reading the posts?

The worst crime he’s committed is writing something that just isn’t even funny for a second.


What, no pointers? Guess I’ll have to rely on my own withered sense of humor, then.

As an aside, Libertarian, I’m still not a homophobe. If you still think I am,…well, I guess that’s not really MY problem, is it?

Another piece of advice carrot: Let this die. Once Lib gets his back up, he’ll fight to the death, right or wrong. It ain’t worth it. Everybody (Lib included, though he’ll never admit it) now knows you weren’t serious.

Listen, dickwit. How the hell was I supposed to know you were joking? Your lovely smile?

You have about the same post count and the same first posting date as the White Nationalists from Storm Front. I thought you were one of them. You damn sure sounded like one.