Carrying a poster in an airline

I have to participate for a conference in India. My have my poster in a tube and it is 3 feet long. I am planning on carrying it as hand luggage. Has anyone taken a poster on Jet Airways? Would there be a problem in carrying this as hand luggage.

No, it shouldn’t be a problem to put that in an overhead bin. I’ve flown with similar items.

If you’re concerned, call the airline and ask beforehand; they’ll give you the straightest dope. Three feet exceeds the US standard carry-on size limitation, but since it’s not tall or wide and could be stashed in a bunch of places that a standard carry-on item can’t, My guess is that it won’t be a problem. If the plane has a hanging-garment closet, the cabin crew may even stash it there for you.

I’ve done this a half dozen times and it’s never been a problem. I wouldn’t even bother calling the airline in advance; they may not have a specific rule covering poster tubes and would default to telling you that it’s prohibited, whereas if you actually just show up with one and don’t call attention to it the check-in and gate staff won’t bat an eye.

Carrying a poster in an airline

Can we start a poll and select which poster from the Dope you pack up and take with you to India? I’m sure there are a few that would get a quite a few votes. :wink:

I recently flew on a plane on which approximately 50% of the passengers were carrying large black poster tubes. I finally decided to ask what was going on, and learned that they were geologists on their way to a conference.

I don’t think it will be a problem.