Cars inside dealer's buildings

I went shopping for a new car today. While I was shopping around the lot, I noticed something strange. In the building, they have the cars displayed.

Here’s my question: How do they get those cars in the building? I saw no doors big enough for these cars to get inside.

This is a trick question, right?

Look around the building some more.

There was a small classsy used car dealership that had cars inside and I know they hardly ever moved, they took a front window out at that dealership to get them in.

They disassmable them, then reassemble them inside.

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This is an explaination I’ve often heard. But wouldn’t it be easier to dismantle and then reconstruct the window or wall of the showroom?

Remember that a door doesn’t have to be all that wide to get a car through. Our local dealership has a two-paneled doors like you see at stores, only one door is wider than the other. When the two are opened, they make enough room for a car to pass through. The doors aren’t really that noticible, so I’m not surprised that Louie might have missed them. Until I saw a car being moved to the showroom floor, I had never noticed them, and I had been in that dealership at least ten times.


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If the showroom is elevated, look around for a ramp of some sort. A nice, wide ramp wasn’t put there for wheelchair convenience.


Oh! There’s a bigger door.

Oops, sorry to waste your time then.


>>They disassmable them, then reassemble them inside.<< --Me

Shopping is still cheaper than therapy. --my Aunt Franny

They just use the same entrances that the customers, dealers, etc. use. The trick is to tip the vehicle up on its side when bringing it in.

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I always thought that they used the machine from Honey I shrunk the Kids and make the cars smaller and brought them in and then made them larger again.

I asked this question of a dealer once.

For most places the double doors are usually wider and taller than standard, and can be unhinged if necessary. People just don’t usually notice that the door is bigger.

Other places with a lot of plate glass will usually have a window that’s not really glass and is plexiglass or plastic or something. This window is removable (or on hinges of some sort) and the car is pushed through over ramps.

My understanding is that this is a delicate and difficult process, so they only switch the cars in and out every two-three months or so. The guy also said that most dealerships don’t even drive the cars inside - they push so as to reduce the chance of accidents as much as possible. Walls and brand new cars are apparently are expensive to repair. Who would have known that? :wink:

In 1974 I bought a Triumph GT-6 from a dealer that was on the showroom floor. They opened the wide double doors and let me drive it out of there.