Cars. Is it the colour or size for damage attraction?

We drive a sunset orange, Pontiac Wave. It is just a little over a year old. It is a small car. It was brand new.

About three months ago, we finally went through insurance to get passenger side scratches fixed from four different incidents which have happened since we bought the car: one from perhaps a piece of luggage being dragged down the side of it in a public parking at the airport; the second looked like someone drove into it when parking and put a dent and scratch in it; the third was a scratch from an unidentified source. Oh, and then the lady who hit the front corner of our car, taking the fender and lights out and the whole thing had to be re-built. The repair shop did an amazing job, it looked just like it did new.

This past Sunday, in the Canadian Tire parking lot, I apparently have received what looks like something sharp being dragged down the side of the car, about 14", even through the paint.

Just to be clear, I always park in the middle of the parking space, trying to leave lots of room on either side to get in and out, both for me and others. My car is straight in the parking space.

Hubby said he chose this colour because he figured people could see it. Apparently it’s not working.

Is it the colour? Or the size?

Just bad luck, I would hazard to guess. I had a string of really bad luck with a new Honda CRX I bought brand new in 1989. Come to think of it, it was a really small car too. I still put it down to bad luck. Here’s how it went:

  • Door ding (not repaired)
  • Lock damaged, stereo stolen (Repaired and replace)
  • Lock damaged, stereo stolen (Repaired and replaced with removable stereo)
  • Bumper extensively scraped in parking lot (not repaired)
  • Someone decided to make a U-turn in front of me on an 80Km road. Major damage, $10,000 (Repaired)
  • Lock damaged, stereo not stolen since it wasn’t in there (Not repaired)
  • Attempted theft, stereo column torn apart (Repaired along with lock from last time)
  • Lock damaged, stereo stolen (It was left in there this time)

t which point I moved the hell out of the city, to the country. I sold the car years ago. Insurance cancelled my comprehensive coverage after the attempted theft.

Obviously they are seeing it, they’re scratching it frequently enough. Maybe you don’t want the car that’s noticed. But out of your two choices I’d go for color being the cause.

Also, never park in the middle, gives two people the chance to come up and dent your sides. Try for corners or next to walls, posts, etc.