cars separated at birth?

The AMC Hornet
The Morris Marina

Aside from the wheel arches and front grille, they appear to be the same vehicle.
Was one built under liscence from the other and sharing mechanicles, or is it just an example of coincidental parallel engineering?

There are countless examples of that sort of thing. You need only look up the terms “badge engineering” and “captive imports”.

No, they don’t look alike. At all.

The hornet is quite a bit bigger than a marina, completely different design, and with the Marina you run the risk of a piano being dropped on your car. That never happens to a Hornet that I’m aware of.



Must be the door handles.

The Mercury Sable and Ford Taurus are the winners, I think.

Doesn’t really count as they are exactly the same car with different name badges.
How about an MGB
and a Datsun 1600

Only if you’re James May. Richard Hammond had a piano pre-positioned on the roof only as a preventive measure :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, a lot of sedans from around the turn of this century (and heck, even up to today) look similar (Asian, European, N. American, etc) due to coalescing around a standard rounded aerodynamic shape (think it’s call the teardrop shape, used to be called jellybean shape when the Ford Taurus more or less introduced it way back when), so much that without looking at the grill/front end of a given vehicle it was hard to determine what company manufactured it. At one model year, the rear ends of a Jaguar and a Hyundai looked frightening similar.
Made me chuckle at commercials back then featuring owners of such cars (?Mercedes ? BMW? Audi? Lexus? don’t remember), who would re-position mirrors or Security cameras or whatever to gaze at their generic shaped vehicles all day - hey buddy, you don’t own a Plymouth Prowler or Retro Ford T-Bird or Chevy SSR or any other vehicle that at least looks unique, regardless of the performance…

A 2005 KIA Amanti and a 2005 Chrysler 300. More or less. If you see the Amanti coming straight at you, it looks more similar.

I don’t think the cars in the OP look much alike either, frankly, except that they’re both shaped like cars from the 70’s.

Some of you might find this amusing: Mediocrity.

True, but it still didn’t save him in the end, did it?