Cars, Stars & Bowling shoes

Something that has been bothering me for years…

Why, Why, Why Whenever I RENT movies, or RENT a car or RENT
anything, I get charged SALES tax?
Isn’t a merchant only obligated to charge for sales tax if they are actually selling something? As far as I can tell, there is no such thing as Rental tax. What Gives?

In Oklahoma, anyway, sales taxes are officially termed sales/use taxes and therefore cover equipment/videotape/car/etc. rentals. YMMV in your home state.

You can buy a Washington Post for a quarter in a vending machine. If you buy it as a 7-11, it’s 26 cents, because they charge tax.

But if you buy it at a restaurant, they charge 2 cents tax (because of local restaurant taxes here in Virginia). But, they lower the base price to 24 cents, so the total is just 26 cents. But why not lower it to 23, to make the total 25 cents? :rolleyes: