Cartoon tennis

Watching the U.S. open I noted to my husband that Federer’s balletic tennis reminded me of the old Disney cartoon of Goofy playing tennis. When he looked at me with a question mark over his head, I combed YouTube trying to find it, to no avail (the “tennis racquet” short was not it). Now, it may not have been Goofy, but I distinctly remember an old cartoon character leaping around playing tennis - any ideas on whom I am thinking?

What do yo mean you couldn’t find it on YouTube?

That’s not the one… I remember Goofy in tennis whites leaping around- that one Goofy is some incompetent groundskeeper…and no one is in tennis whites.

I think your memory is not accurate.

Here is a list of every short, feature film and television show that Goofy has appeared in.

Tennis Racquet, linked above by garygnu, is the only title that uses the word “tennis”; none of the other titles seem likely to be what you’re searching for. Note the most recent comment on that page:

It seems possible, even likely, that you are mis-remembering the details of this cartoon.

Well, the two Goofy players do use white tennis shoes.

Don’t worry, this seems to happen to lots of people, in the past I remember many cases where the one giving us clues about a cartoon or movie to identify turns out to be the one that they adamantly thought it was not the correct one.

The human brain really does scramble a lot of memories of old tv shows and movies.

I remember this cartoon. It seems like something Goofy would do. Maybe some other cartoon character?