Cartoons about Murry Wilson (Beach Boys' dad)!

While looking for information relating to The Beach Boys, I came upon this website. It’s a radio station’s blog. WFMU hosts a page about the 35:00 tape of Murry Wilson drunkenly haranguing Brian and the group during the session for “Help Me Rhonda.” On that page, there are links to Shockwave animations of four episodes of “Murry Wilson: Rock & Roll Dad.” I thought they were brilliant and they skewered Murry mercilessly, basing some of his dialogue on things he’s actually said. It’s hilarious and the kicker is that it portrays him almost too accurately.

If you didn’t know, if Murry Wilson was living today, he would be diagnosed as bipolar. He was also an alcoholic and a violent control freak. He beat his sons cruelly, at the slightest, or no provocation at all. One of his blows caused Brian’s deafness in one ear. He was such a terrible, overbearing manager that The Beach Boys fired him. The record producers would dread him coming in, as there’d inevitably be a bad scene. Years later, out of spite, he sold the group’s publishing, putting it out of their hands for decades. When he died, none of his sons attended the funeral.

Knowing that, go look at these cartoons. It’s a good thing dead people can’t sue!