Cartoons without any humans

Rocko’s Modern Life is on NickToons right now. I’ve noticed before that there are no human beings in this show.

Some others:

I suppose you could count some Looney Toons since the regular humans (Elmer Fudd & Granny) don’t appear in all the episodes.

I don’t recall see humans in the majority of Disney cartoons, either.

What else?

From what I remember, I don’t think there are any humans in CatDog cartoons.


:smack: This was me…sorry.

Well, Rocko’s Modern Life sometimes has human feet. There’s that foot guy that appears every so often, and the sock puppet judge. I guess to disqualify a show you’d need entire humans though…

I don’t remember any humans on the Roadrunner / Coyote cartoons. I’m a little hazy, but I think a few Sixties 'Toons lacked people too. Top Cat for one? How about Snagglepuss?

Top Cat definitely had humans. TC’s prime nemesis was Officer Dibble.

I don’t recall ever seeing humans in Mighty Mouse, though. Or in Herman and Catnip.

Did Tom and Jerry have any Humans in it? I don’t remember any but it’s been so long.

donald duck? the chipmunks?

try finding a japanese anime without any humans in it…

Tom (from Tom & Jerry) occassionally had a human owner, either a matronly black woman who called him Thomas or else a thinner WASP broad :wink: Both were only ever shown from the waist down as I recall.

Spongebob is lacking in human characters in its day to day episodes (though there’s at least one where they show a person).

The Lion King was Disney’s first animated movie without any humans (or actions of humans) in it.

All three seasons of Transformers: Beast Wars and both seasons of Transformers: Beast Machines would qualify. Not a human in sight, though there were some proto-human neanderthals in a few episodes.

Spongebob Squarepants doesn’t have any humans in it on a regular basis. Sometimes a hand shows up. There’s a ghost that’s a human, I suppose, but it’s mostly sea life. And a squirrel.

From Nickelodeon:
Little Bear
Max & Ruby

From PBS:
Berenstain Bears
and (I think) Seven Little Monsters

No, Seven Little Monsters have their human caretaker, whose name is Baba Yaga, I think. (I’ve only watched it on occasion when I’m waiting for Frank and Frank.) Other human characters have appeared as well.