Carving Decoys or Sledman’s Making Ugly Toothpicks

Ok Doper’s looking for a little guidance.

As most of you are well aware I am an avid hunter. I have come to the conclusion that my next attempt at a hobby will be to carve my own duck and goose decoys. I am looking for recommendations for any books on the subject and any place that may sell a kit for this purpose.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money on the initial startup. Based on my artistic ability(or lack there of) there is a high likelihood that I will suck at this hobby and will end up with the ugliest, most god awful things ever created from a block of wood. Nonetheless, I wish to give it a try. I have to be a natural at something right?!?

Herter’s did not appear to have anything(they have their own line of deke’s so that makes sense). I still need to check a couple oddball catalogs I have at home but I have a feeling the wife already recycled those catalogs.

So any carver’s out there? Any tips? If I try to do cork deke’s am I asking for trouble?

How do you hunt avids? What size shot do you use? I’d like to get into avid hunting myself. Any pointers?

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[sub]Who’n the heck is Pat McManus?[/sub]

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Sorry, can’t help you myself on the decoys, but let me check with a friend back north - he’s a carver, and he may have some info. I’ll be off-boards until the 2nd (I sneaked into work to use the computers today).

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