CasDave Slays Ignorance in Cool Ways

One of out International Men of Mystery, fighter of ignorance, and all-around Cool Dudes is CasDave.

Over in IMHO there was a great thread concerning the best chocolate available, which is a very important subject to those who are Big Fans.

CasDave topped everyone in the thread by backing up his claims of who has the best chocolate by sending packages of said chocolate to those that asked nicely. What a guy! I am sitting here nibbling on a piece of this fine chocolate (and just feeling my ass grow) and enjoying the heck out of it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Dave. You have struck a blow against chocolate ignorance.

To those on his list, your package should be to you by Friday morning. Hopefully you know who you are :D. If you don’t receive it by then, please let me know so I can track the package.


For the day crowd. :smiley: