Casement Window Air Conditioner Installation?

Hi everyone. I want to put a window A/C unit in my bedroom, but I only have casement windows in the room. Two are 24x44 and one is 33x44. Does anyone have any experience installing a casement window unit? Is it something I can do myself? I have installed several normal window A/C units (double-hung windows).



There are specially sized casement air conditioners available. They aren’t cheap but they install just like you would in a double hung wondow opening, just with more to seal off above.

I put a standard a/c in such a window. I did this by removing the window (1 clip and 2 screws IIRC) and sealed off the top w/ a piece of plywood.

Back when we lived in Navy housing, I put a standard A/C unit into a casement window without removing the window. I filled the open section on top with a piece of plywood screwed into place with corner braces and mending plates like these. The piece of plywood was in securely enough that it easily held the A/C unit in place. I even painted the plywood so it blended in with the wall.

The A/C units designed for casement windows, in my experience, are much more expensive than standard units.