Casey Jones comes to Hermann Park

Houston is nearing completion of its first public rail transportation route, an effort that most seem to think of as a giant boondoggle.

Well, I was taking an extremely long way home from the office today (aka the Sunday drive) and I was down by the Medical Center when several Metro police cars appeared and blocked off Braeswood. As I headed up Fannin, I noticed a pair of Metro patrol cars at every light.

Finally, when I reached the southern edge of Hermann Park and stopped for a light, two Metro cruisers blocked the intersection. After sitting through a couple of lights - whoohoo! There came the train!

Spiffy looking 21st century job it is. IIRC one of the high end auto makers (BMW, Daimler Benz?) makes the coaches. So there we were, watching a test run.

Since it runs at street level, down the middle of a few main traffic arteries, some of whose left turn lanes sit on the tracks, I can’t help but wonder how long it’ll be before a car and a train attempt to occupy the same space. It’s going to happen. And the train’s going to win.