Cashing in a casino chip from far away

I have a large denomination casino chip from a recent visit to Reno, Nevada. When cashing in my chips, I didn’t find this one little guy hiding in my wallet (yes, I keep my big bucks chips in my wallet).

I’d like to cash in this chip without spending the time and money to go back to Reno. Anyone know of a way I can do this?

I suppose if it’s possible at all then FedEx or the USPS (or whomever) will need to be involved. Could I adequately insure the chip? Would that cost a lot? What might the casino require of me to prove identification (or would they)?

I know you can mail in winning sports book tickets, is it the same for a chip?

Anyone ever gone through this?

I’d call the casino where the chip is from and simply ask them what to do.

Unless it’s forbidden by the casino or the website, couldn’t you just sell it on eBay or a similar site? Presumably the buyer would be either someone who collects such items, or someone who was already planning to travel to Reno in the near future.

If you do this, you’re going to have to sell it at a discount. Say, it’s a $1000 chip, nobody would pay $1000 for it.

Although I acknowledge that in this case the chip is genuine, I believe buyers would be very unwilling to pay anything for it, especially as there is a well-known scam where worthless chips are sold at a deep discount to innocent/greedy tourists outside casinos. And you still have the problem of secure delivery of a high-value untraceable item.

I totally agree with you. I was just giving a quick answer as to why selling it on ebay would be a Bad Idea. I should have said, “Assuming anyone WOULD buy it on ebay, you’d have to sell it at a discount.” I didn’t know there was a scam, but I’m not the least bit surprised. I had some gift cards I was thinking about selling, but decided against it.

Depends, YMMV, but I’d hold onto it until my next trip to Reno. It’d gimme an excuse to go back, plus, if it’s truly a high dollar chip ($500 or better) it’d pay for my hotel.

If they are still using those chips when you do go back.