Cassette Players and Google tips

I’m trying to find out when cassette players first came out and i’m having trouble figuring out exactly how to word this in google. I’m sure someone here will be able to find it in about 8 seconds. Can you also tell me how you found it in google too?


IIRC, Phillips invented the cassette. That might help.

There’s a timeline here.
In google, I used the advanced search feature and my terms were:
with all the words: history

With the exact phrase: audio cassette player

Without the words: library

According to this page,

I searched for “cassette tape history,” and this page at was about the third linked page. After that, it was just fishing through the links. I found the above info at the link titled “Chronology of Magnetic Recording (audio/video).”

Philips introduced the cassette tape in 1962 in the Netherlands. They were introduced to the U.S. in 1963:

I searched Google using this:

“cassette tape” invented

Then I clicked on several links to make sure they agreed.

Now, this is when cassette tapes were made available for sale. They would have been invented before that, presumably a year or two before. It’s possible they were invented even earlier, and it took a long time to develop them to the point where they were ready to be sold.

Try a google on: phillips “compact cassette”
The dates seem to vary between about 1962 and 1966. The differing dates probably reflect different stages of development, ranging from when they created the first one to when they released it to the public as a demonstration, and finally when it was released as a purchasable product.
Phillips released the compact cassette in 1963. It didn’t gain popularity until decks incorporating dolby noise reduction appeared in ~72.

Found on this link:

Thanks so much! I had a brain block on the word History, makes perfect sense though.