Cast Bewitched - Again

Samantha is cast as Nicole Kidman.

I think:

Darrin - Kevin Spacey
Endora - Glenn Close
Uncle Arthur - Jim Carrey
Larry Tate - Dabney Coleman
Louise Tate -
Dr. Bombay -
Alice Kravitz -
Abner Kravitz -
other cast members like Sam’s Aunt’s not sure.

What do you think:

What about the script, will they update, add or delete things, the only thing I can think of that would be deleted is the Martini’s.

If it does anything how long will it take Hollywood to do I Dream of Jeannie.

I actually thought of Nicole Kidman as Jeannie and Reese Witherspoon as Samantha, but then I am in DE, and not Hollywood.

How about:

Uncle Arthur - Brent Spiner

Dr. Bombay - Patrick Stewart

No to Mike Myers as Darrin, I hope not.

Maybe Britney Spears will remake “I Dream of Jeannie.”

Britney Spears - I hope not. If so Justin Timberlake as Major Nelson.

Samantha – 1. Heather Locklear 2.Nicole Kidman 3. Reese Witherspoon

Darrin – Anthony Edwards

kevja does not, or will not, have a second choice. Except, there was a suggestion last time, for Bill Paxson to play Darrin the first half of the movie, then have Bill Pullman replace him for the second half. Or vice-versa. I just loved that.

Endora – Sigourny Weaver, Glenn Close, or Katherine Helmond

Maurice – Anthony Hopkins

Larry Tate – Morgan Freeman

Louise Tate – Courtney Cox (second trophy wife)

Gladys Kravitz – the woman who played Roseanne’s sister

Frank Stephens – David Canary (he could play Larry Tate too)

Mrs. Stephens – Louise Fletcher

Uncle Arthur – Will Farrell

Aunt Clara – Alice Ghostly (wasn’t she Esmarelda in the original)

Dr. Bombay – that guy is still alive, bring him back

A few years ago I was talking about a dream cast for BEWITCHED with a friend, and we came up with:

Samantha–Emma Thompson
Darrin–Kenneth Branagh
Endora–Sian Phillips
Maurice–Peter O’Toole

And we wanted Bernard Fox back as Doctor Bombay.

Of course, Emma and Ken don’t work with each other anymore, so it ain’t ever gonna happen. Sigh!

Abner and Gladys Kravitz would be played by the actors who were George Kostanza’s parents.