Cast of BtVS on Biography tonight


Set your VCR’s. The cast of Buffy has a whole show dedicated to them tonight. The fun starts at 8pm.

And my cable is out because of stupid effing construction down my street! So I can’t even set the timer for this and watch the season finale of The West Wing!

much rending of clothing and tearing of hair Auuuuuuuuuugh!

Oh, and I forgot to mention the channel: A&E.

Kung Fu Lola, I’d tape them both for you but I am techno-impaired. If you bat your eyelashes and ask sweetly, I bet someone here would do it for you.

We watched it last night only because my husband was clicking through all the channels and stopped when it got to A&E. Then later I saw your post about it.

I hope they air it again for those who missed it.

Eh, it was a clip show. No new news, no revelations, nothing. They didn’t even mention Faith and Riley.