Cast your family with fictional characters

A spinoff of the Cosbys or Connors thread with broader rules. I’ll start and that should show you how to play:

Since there’s no one sitcom that really resembles my family but there are several fictional characters who do my family would be:

My father- Judge Chamberlain Hallerfrom My Cousin Vinnie (the voice is damned near I-Dentical and he was as warm and cuddly with his kids as I would picture Haller)

My mother-Loisfrom Malcolm in the Middle (seasoned with sprinklings of Eunice when really pissed and crazy, a tad of Scarlett in terms of work ethic and resilience, and Lorelei Gilmore when at her best.)

Maternal grandmother- Mrs. Oleson

Maternal grandfather- a white Fred Sanford(but not Steptoe)

Paternal grandmother- Lois’s mom(minus the Eastern European accent)

Sister- Joy Turner but with religion instead of trampiness as a young woman, turned into Suzanne Sugarbakerlater on

My brother- Frasier Crane but with more small town nouveau riche snobbiness (though in looks he’s more Bill Clinton, though Clinton’s not fictional)

My great aunts (except tin roof instead of lace curtains)

I’d add myself but I’m hard to cast; I suppose Dan Conner mixed with Niles Crane if you can imagine, or Niles the butlerbut (like the actor) hillbilly instead of English, and of course gay all around.

My current closest friend/ex love is Sheldon from Big Bang Theory but with better social skills, though he looks exactly like Billy Corgan.

My closest she-friend: Lucy Ricardo mixed with Phoebe from FRIENDS, but a lot more intelligent.

And my best married couple friends: almost exactly Dan and Roseanne Connor in acts and outlook, though “Dan” looks more like a Paul McCartney gone to chubbiness and with a beard.


Et tu? (You don’t have to include links unless it’s a more obscure character, and since I violated the rule you can too as far as mentioning real people when it comes to looks.)

Challenging …

My lovely wife would definitely be Agatha Christie’s Prudence “Tuppence” Cowley-Beresford. I don’t know if she’s obscure enough to be due a link. I’d need to think long & hard about anybody else I know.

Hmm… My mother has been compared to both Shirley Partridge and Carol Brady, but I see her as more of a Mary Tyler Moore type With a wee bit of Miriam Cunningham thrown in.

My brother is most definitely Greg Brady. Sister-in-law is more or less any Julie Haggerty character.

Valerie Bertonelli would play my sister. Brother-in-law is Jeff Foxworthy.

Nephew would be played by Ashton Kucher, but as a smart and really nice guy. Nieces? I guess whoever the ex-Disney blonde bimbo of the week is, but not bimbo-ish, but instead really cool.

Drawing a complete blank on dad.

I’m pretty short on family members, but my father once was mistaken for Walter Matthau (his manner was much more a cross between Nicolas Cage’s character in Leaving Las Vegas and Eeyore). My sister? Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Don’t remember my mother well, but from what I’m told, maybe Sissy Spacek.

I’ve gotten more than a few “Jane Curtin” comparisons. Except the “ignorant slut” parts.

Oh, yeah. I have a brother-in-law who is 98% Robert Downey Jr. The 2% he’s not is the drug addict part.

Well you’re still young. You just gotta get out there and mingle.:smiley:

My mom is a hard-working, rule-breaking doctor; kinda Doug Ross but, alas, a woman.

My dad is a highly educated stay at home goofball dad; part Joey Gladstone, part Ross Geller

I’m the oldest, a girl, self-doubting, an intellectual, a free-spirited writer and I know how to keep my man in check, which translates to being part Elliot Reed, part Topanga (Lawerence) Matthews.

My eldest brother is a hard-working, penny-pinching dork with a bad sense of humor, so he’s part Fred Mertz, part Chandler Bing.

My youngest brother is sweet, smart, but very unsuccessful with the ladies because he’s to shy to talk to them: Rajesh Koothrappali all the way (except that he’s not from India…)

My little sister is daddy’s little girl, sweet, but I wouldn’t want to get her mad at me: part Michelle Tanner, part evil monkey in Chris’ closet.

My fiancee is a chef, particular about things being just so, sweet, considerate, but will stand his ground when I’m being unruly: part Dan Connor, part Monica (Geller) Bing

For some reason I think of my Dad as a cross between Snoop Dogg and Darth Vader.

My Mom kind of looks like Wonder Woman but acts more like a cross between the ghost whisperer and the stereotypical neurotic Jewish mother character.

My brother is a cross between Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, Bones (the anthropologist), and Craig Ferguson, with a hint of Barney from HIMYM.

My stepdad looks and acts a bit like Daniel from Lost but has the facial expressions of Saul Tigh from BSG.

I look like a cross between Neil Partrick Harris, Chad Allen, Quentin Tarantino, Justin Timberlake, Rick Schroeder, and Flea. I probably act a bit like a cross between Leonard from BBT but without the whiney voice, and Oz from Buffy.

My mom is Annie Hall, 30 years later.

My sister is Lara Croft.

My dad looks like a bigger Richard Gere, but personality-wise is a odd mixture of Atticus Finch, David Addison (of Moonlighting) and Toby from the West Wing.

My brother bears a strong resemblance to swimmer Michael Phelps, only more motivated.

My brother-in-law is exactly Oz from Buffy, only about a head taller.

My father-in-law is Clemenza (“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli”) from the Godfather.

I’ve been told by many boyfriends, husbands and brothers in law that my father looks and acts like Robert DeNiro in Meet The Parents. I agree mostly, but my dad was blue collar, so you need to throw in a sprinkling of Dan Conner from Roseanne.
It’s funny that my dad never got the humor in Meet the Parents.