castaway...anyone watching?

A new show on ABC called Castaway 12 people “stranded” on islands with supplies they have to find. I started watching on HULU and it will be the show I fall asleep to now. I sort of like/hate it. Basically it is free therapy as each one has issues and they are hoping to solve them on the islands. Anyone else watching?

I tried but gave up in the middle of ep 2.

You made it farther than I did. I quit halfway through Episode 1.

I haven’t seen it, but after watching a commercial I said, “It’s like Survivor, except without all the stuff that makes Survivor interesting.”

Actually the voting part of Survivor doesn’t interest me. I’m interested in the actual survival techniques. I watched a bit of Castaways last night and too much personal drama.
I know I’m in the minority and most folks watch for that. (I also watched the US “The Island”)


Bingo. I wanted to like it and I really tried to like it, but I gave up midway through episode #2. Waste of time.

I gave up after watching 2-1/2 episodes. OP is correct - it’s something to fall asleep to. Not much happens - a lot of boring conversation - very slow - boring. Some of the back stories were interesting, but not enough to keep me watching.

(Bolding mine) Um, are you watching the same show I am?


I said what I am interested in. I was hoping *Castaways * would have more of that.


Same thing here, which is why Alone is my favorite show about surviving.

But we like Castaway and will continue watching.

If you haven’t seen it, try Suvivorman. Les Stroud goes into the wilderness by himself, no camera crew. And no backstories, drama, voting, or games. :slight_smile:


I was curious on how much the overweight guy would loose on the island but then he got his suitcase with his ziplock bag of snacks.
YUP this is not ALONE by any means. I fast forward thru the back stories. Thinking this show lasts 1 season.

I am impressed by the hawaii girl…NOW her back story was interesting… my dad was a drug smuggler and so we fled to hawaii and I live in the jungle with 5 brothers and my step dad and mom and dad. This will become a reality show for sure.

I find it mildly interesting, but clearly produced with a central thought: We all need somebody.

The loners are depicted as weepy, sad and struggling. The pairs and trios full of self-congratulation for having found someone to help them survive. The cast members talk constantly about how they can’t handle being alone and the need for “connection” both on their island and back at home. I mean, it’s laudable, but that central theme is hammered on repeatedly.

Yes, but watch Alone. You will watch Survival experts fall apart after a few days, and not many last a whole month.