Casting call—actors who'd make good Terminators?

I know it’s silly, but I like the T-800s with their bulky endoskeletons. I vote for Brian Urlacher.


Perfect. The Rock is actually a good actor, and he whupped some major ass in Walking Tall.

He’s too good an actor. What’s needed is a talentless, stone faced drone.

Nicolas Cage.

Brian Thompson. I’ve met him, and he is so unbelievably imposing. But he’s a nice and funny guy.

Vinnie Jones. He’s able to deadpan some pretty funny lines, too.

Of course my answer to pretty much any question is Vinnie Jones, so take that with a grain of salt.

I thought about Cage, but it wouldn’t work. He’s a hell of a fanboy, and he’d just ham up the screen (poorly) like he did in Ghost Rider.

Nothing a little thorazine couldn’t take care of.

Betty White is my answer for the 80 year old female terminator. I think she’d be a blast. As far as a musclebound Arnold lookalike, I’d go for Ralf Mueller. He appeared in Gladiator with Russell Crowe and I think he’d do very well.

That’s precisely who I came in here to name.

Dakota Fanning.

Talk about your stealth terminator.


Robert Englund would be a perfect Terminator…

He could gain your trust like “Willie” from the “V” TV series, then when it came time to Terminate, he could go full-hog into “Freddy Krueger” persona

I came in here just to post that. Thompson is badass.

How about one of the guys from The Road Warrior?

Glen Thomas Jacobs, Better known to the wrestling fans as Kane. He’s been in his own horrible horror movie, but he actually did a decent job acting in it. He’s got the size, and imposing look without being a body-builder type.

While I’m nominating wrestlers, Mark William Calaway, the undertaker would also do incredibly well.

For the stealth version, David Hyde Pierce gets my vote, along with Hugh Laurie.

The Rock would actually work as a reprogrammed “good” terminator, too, like Arnie in T2.

I don’t know about Hugh laurie as a Terminator. If I saw someone who looked like Dr. House approaching me, I’d run like hell. :smiley: Who wants to deal with some hobbling, cranky ass? Robert Sean Leonard would work though, everybody’s friend, good ol’ Dr. Wilson.

And for the comedy version of Terminator (maybe directed by Barry Sonnenfeld), there’s always Patrick Warburton.

Hegstrand’s dead but I could see Laurinaitis in the role.

Don Knotts would make a good terminator in a logical loop.

Hilary Swank. Once the Next Karate Kid, more recently the Million Dollar Baby, and something of a stern masculine appearance. I could see her as a Terminator.

Heh. Almost forgot one…Neal McDonough. I mean, the guy looks like Roy Baty to begin with.

Fairuza Balk could probably work, too. Maybe it’s her eyes…or that aforementioned face-tearing-off-with-her-teeth quality that shines though so well.

Copy that, Houston.