Terminator Salvation taught me something

When designing a Terminator, DO NOT enable any sort of throw ability.

I mean, you have a terminator repeatedly throwing it’s victim across the room into a wall or such.

I have an idea: why not use those strong terminator hands to strangle your victim? Or hell, just pull its heart out.


Otherwise not a bad flick.

Terminator taught me something too:

McG sucks. How hard would you have to work to make a Terminator movie boring? (Also, surely there are a million ways to kill all the people on a planet without affecting the machines. Poison gas? Neutron bomb? No, let’s send humanoid machines out with conventional weaponry to track down and shoot every individual person.

My friend and I thought of a bizarre theory. John Connor is also a Terminator. There’s no way he could’ve survived all those throws without his bones becoming chiclets.

It just seemed to implausible that it was simply “the hero takes a licking, but keeps on ticking”

Althought I bet we’re wrong.

Because the Terminators just can’t stand touching those filthy humans long enough for that. It’s robot hot potato!

My favorite part was the metal robots swimming. :wink:

Yeah, if you’re going to go around calling yourself McG, then you better be really, really good. Like fifth Beatles good. I know that makes no sense.

I found that the performance by Sam Worthington made the film enjoyable. I liked his character and liked following his development. In turn, this makes me look forward to Avatar.

I really noticed Worthington in Rogue. His charisma owns the screen.

Check out the Wikipedia entry for the original ending. You’re not all that far off.