I watched Terminator 3 last night (spoilers I guess)

I thought it was pretty good. No one near as good as 1 or 2, but enjoyable enough.

Seems to contradict some stuff in other movies, but if you don’t ask too many questions you can appreciate it. It seems to me like every movie (of the 3 I’ve seen) has its own rules, and you just have to accept it as it goes on.

I enjoyed seeing the very beginnings of skynet, watching him press Y to activate and it escalates out of control.
Also I am trying to watch every Arnold movie, so I also watched End of Days last night, so maybe I am giving T3 a higher review than I normally would because anything can look good compared to End of Days. The scene where Arnold is possessed by Satan and has to fight it reminds me of the TX controlling Arnold and him fighting it off.

Arnie’s got a pretty great film career, even in the margins. Kindergarten Cop is a very underrated film, for example.

yeah I like Kindergarten Cop. Even stuff like Hercules in New York I can enjoy it for laughing at how bad it is.

but then there is just the bad stuff. End of Days. Collateral Damage. sehr boring and I have no desire to watch them ever again.

The funny thing about that scene is that the Devil only has a few seconds left to get it on with Robin Tunney’s character. Better hurry up there Satan, and you didn’t even bring flowers.

I agree with the OP on T3. It’s not nearly as good as the first two, but it’s still a fun flick. The action sequence with Arnold hanging onto the truck’s crane (or ladder? I forget) as it drives into buildings and whatnot is really awesome.

This is a very cool commentary on the Terminator movies and time travel:


Yep, the truck crane chase sequence was pretty much the high point of the film; not much of the rest really engaged me, but I loved the rather bleak, downbeat tone of the ending. Reminded me a little of Miracle Mile in terms of setting off end-of-the-world jitters.

I liked it too. The acting by the two leads was pretty blah, but the action was fun and the story solid.

what I didn’t like is that they ended the Sarah Conner Chronicles so abruptly in order to lay the the groundwork for the movie. I loved that show.

Yeah, it’s a solid, but unexceptional film. They decided to go with Action Girl so hard, but the actress sucks and could hardly pull it off. Meanwhile John Conner became total dead weight character. Despite that, it’s not bad. it just doesn’t stack up to earlier Terminator films. It also works much better if you don’t think of it as a sequel to T2, as it kinda knesscaps that movie’s ending.

T2 ends pretty strongly suggesting that Judgment Day hasn’t been avoided, so I don’t really see how T3 kneecaps it.

End of Days… that’s the one where a 2,000 year old prophecy was based upon something happening @ midnight in a city on a continent that nobody knew existed at the time the prophecy was made?

Yeah, that one was stupid.

Which ending did you watch? The entire point of T2 was that now the characters had a hopeful chance to avoid Judgement Day entirely. Not that they neccessarily had altered history entirely, but that they might be on an entirely different path now.

Well, half the point of T2 was keeping John Connor alive, so they definitely succeed on that metric. But I thought at the end of T2 we see someone recovering the chip from the molten metal vat, though wikipedia doesn’t mention that in the plot summary. Did I imagine it?

T3 came out years before SCC was even started. You’re probably thinking of Terminator:Salvation, but even there, it’s clearly set in a completely different continuity than SCC. T3 has judgment day happen in 2003, and TS follows up on that, but SCC has them jump past that date into 2008 without any JD happening. I think they say JD happens in 2012 in that timeline.


Ending SCC had nothing to do with any of the movies, it had to do with not getting high enough ratings to justify the costs of production.
As for T3, I always liked it. Not as much as T2, not even close, but still much better than it gets credit for. And the ending actually surprised me.

You either imagined it, or conflated it with a deleted scene on the Terminator (1) DVD, where they discover the first T-800’s remains in the factory (which turns out to be Cyberdyne).

T2 ends with the second T-800 lowered into the molten metal, giving the thumbs up, then a dark highway with Sarah talking in a voice over about how they future isn’t set how they have hope or something like that. The alternate ending shows Sarah in the future playing with her granddaughter talking about how Judgement Day never came to pass. As far as I know there is no ending with anyone discovering a chip, or any other remains (though there is an arm that got torn off somewhere in that plant).

Personally, I think that T2 was a stinker that relied too much on special effects technology that was already dated by the time it came out, and that T3 was the movie that T2 should have been. But I think I might be a minority of one, in that opinion.

See, IMO the effects in T2 hold up really well, certainly a lot better than any of its contemporary FX laden films. About the only real glaring issue is that it’s pretty obvious Arnie’s got his arm tucked behind him after it’s supposedly been ripped off, but it still looks more convincing than the CGI work they used in T3 to make his face look battle damaged.

Watch Red Heat. It has such an epic sauna scene!

I actually liked T3 more than T2, Salvation was kind of crap. End of Days was hilarious. Wait, it wasn’t a comedy? Are you sure…