Casting Survivor: All Stars II

A hypothetical: Mark Burnett calls you up and says you get to cast a new season of Survivor: All Stars. There are a few rules:

1 - Nobody can go back on the show a third time. So nobody from the previous All-Stars season and no Stephenie or Bobby Jon.
2 - As with the first All-Stars season, there are going to 18 players divided into three tribes of six each. You can’t have more than one person from a previous season on a tribe. So you’re limited to three players from a season.
3 - You have to have three men and three women on each tribe.
4 - You have to have at least one player from each past season. Except nobody from the first All-Stars season and nobody from the current Fiji season.
5 - You’re supposed to create a balanced and competitive mix of players and tribes so it will be an entertaining series. Don’t stack the deck so your favorites will win.
6 - Anybody posting here that they have zero interest in Survivor will be openly mocked and ridiculed. If you really had zero interest, you wouldn’t have opened this thread.

That said, create your cast list and post it. Feel free to comment on your choices.

My list:

Team Bosaga
Bruce Kanegai (Panama) - Got taken off by medical reasons. Interesting character.
Gretchen Cordy (Borneo) - Strong player. Victim of an alliance vote.
Julie Berry (Vanuatu) - Looks good in a bikini.
Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth (Cook Islands) - Strong “lone wolf” player.
Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands) - Million dollar winner. Needed a Pearl Islands player
Tom Westman (Palau) - Million dollar winner. Strong player. Give Ian a chance for revenge.

Team Gomo Moog
Angie Jakusz (Palau) - Fan favorite. Was stuck on a bad tribe.
Brian Heidik (Thailand) - Top notch player.
Gary Hogeboom (Guatemala) - Strong player. Stuck in bad alliance.
Heidi Strobel (Amazon) - Will probably take off her clothes at some point.
Hunter Ellis (Marquesas) - Another strong player stuck in a bad alliance.
Teresa Cooper (Africa) - Good competitor.

Team Peracho
Cirie Fields (Panama) - Fan favorite.
Danni Boatwright (Guatemala) - Million dollar winner.
Ian Rosenberger (Palau) - Fan favorite (especially on this board). Strong player.
Jessie Camacho (Africa) - Another sexist choice by me.
Michael Skupin (Australia) - Strong player. Taken off show by injury.
Yul Kwon (Cook Islands) - Million dollar winner. One of my personal favorites.

Much as I like the idea of Yul and Jonathan back together again on my screen (here’s still hoping for a Yonathan Amazing Race team), I wouldn’t cast any previous winners as they appeared to get treated with so much resentment on the first go round by the other contestants that they didn’t really stand a chance.

I haven’t watched enough seasons to really take part in this, but I would probably cast Twyla, Jonathan, Jonny Fairplay (all 3 for their strategic play, as well as their general outspokenness), and Terry, amongst some of your choices. Though I hated Terry more than any other player I’ve seen, I would like to see how he would fare against the real challenge monster, Ozzy.

I could never understand this attitude.

He was the sole remnant of a group that was going to be voted off at the first opportunity and was reminded of this constantly by the majority tribe.

Do you object about the fact that he gave his opponents something back verbally? Hell, I’d have been really obnoxious in his place, particularly with that smug lunkhead, Arans, and that brainless, personality-minus firedancer whose name I can’t even remember and only won because the final “endurance” test favoured the contestant with the lightest weight.

I’m in full agreement with InShane on this one. Terry was the one who deserved the $1M.

Terry was the worst strategic player I’ve seen. He had plenty of opportunity to bring at least Bruce over to his side at the merge and use the hidden immunity idol to even out the sides. Instead, he threw his former teammates to the dogs in an attempt to save only himself rather than make his into the majority alliance, and played himself into an unwinnable position with his arrogance and, frankly, bitchiness towards the remaining Casayans who were just playing the game in the role that the majority tribe has played since season 1. I was very disappointed that Austin, Nick and Sally never saw that Terry had little-to-no interest in saving his alliance and supported him until the end after what he did (or more accurately, failed to do) to them.

Aras may have eventually given as good as he got (and don’t even begin to tell me that Terry wasn’t whining and deservedly called on it at the end of the challenge Aras won, anyway), but he at least, apologised for it and, along with Cirie, showed some semblance of strategy in a game where social always beats physical. And if you don’t believe me on that score, just try and explain why Amber beat Boston Rob, or Yul beat Ozzy. Or, for that matter, why Tina beat Colby.

Just as long as Jonny Fairplay isn’t allowed to play again, I could stomach another All Stars season. If Fairplay is there, I won’t watch. The most useless human being I have ever seen.

I would take the first and second people voted off from each season, even that annoying yodeling chick, and let them have at it.

I think you’ve got two players confused together. Courtney was the firedancer; she was voted off on Day 30. Danielle, a medical sales representative, was the woman who won the last challenge and made it to the final two.

And I agree that Terry was a terrible player. He was great at challenges; but the game is about winning votes not winning challenges and Terry didn’t have a clue about winning votes.

I havent seen all the seasons so I dont think I’d de able to make a full roster but I would definately like to see Johnny Fairplay try again,though I think he would be targeted right away,unless the others want to keep him around thinking he would be easy to go head to head against in the finals.
I was pulling for Gary Hogeboom during his season so I’d like to see him as well.
Tom the fireman would be interesting,to see if he could dominate the game again.
As far as the OPs mention of Julie Berry,I don’t remember her,but I’ll take your word for it on the bikini thing,so she’s in.

No, the traditional response is “JPEG!

In reality, Berry would probably be barred from an All-Stars series. She is (or was) dating Jeff Probst after her initial appearance on the show, so there’s an obvious conflict of interest.