Casting the movie Let's Get This Over With

Now that Leo “finally” has his Oscar, let’s create the movie that’s designed to finally get everyone their long overdue Academy Award, which I have tentatively titled “Let’s Get This Over With”. Hopefully this will sweep the Oscars and thereby set a record for every possible win.

My current thoughts are:
Directed by Ridley Scott
Starring Glenn Close, Gary Oldman, Amy Adams and Mark Ruffalo
Cinematography by Roger Deakins
Score by Danny Elfman
Sound Mixing by Kevin O’Connell


Sound Mixing by Kevin O’Connell

I’d have Thomas Newman do the score - he has thirteen nominations and no wins, while Danny Elfman is only 0 for 4. But it would be tempting, synergy-wise, to have Elfman do the score and then include Johnny Depp in the cast since he has three nominations and no wins.

Maybe you could find an old script by Federico Fellini: eight nominations for Best Screenplay (along with four more nominations for Best Director) with no wins.

The costume designer Piero Tosi is 0 for 5 on Oscar nominations, so he can do the costumes.

I see Clint Eastwood is directing SULLY, with Tom Hanks as the soon-to-retire pilot who on a cold January afternoon struggled to land that crippled plane on the Hudson River.

Playing his wife: three-time Oscar nominee Laura Linney.

Just sayin’.

Samuel L. Jackson
Johnny Depp
Liam Neeson
William H. Macy
Robert Downey, Jr.
Helena Bonham Carter
Ralph Fiennes
John Malkovich
Ed Harris
Angela Lansbury

And, too late for Alan Rickman to get his.

Sound has to be Kevin O’Connell, here on the SDMB. If only because of the assholish actions of one of his peers.

Change the name to Let’s Make Love, and cast Bruce Campbell as the doorman of the high-rise where Richard Gere lives.