Castle 11/09

The shot of the three guys on the couch, each with a cat and a cup of tea was so cute! and also

“Are you two together?”

“Absolutely not” / “Not yet”

I’m a sucker for a good romance and romantic tension, but I like that they show Castle having a lot of respect for how Beckett does her job.

And him panicking at the thought of “two words - receding and hairline”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much to add here except to say this is now one of my favorite shows. What’s the story with the novel that was written by ‘Castle’? It’s actually out in bookstores? Who really wrote it? Is it any good?

It’s in stock, at any rate. Given that they have real crime authors acting in the show, I’d venture to guess that one or all of them are involved in the book.

He’s been doing that to her constantly. One of these days she’s gonna haul off and smack him.

I love this show so much. Castle geeking out at the captain was hilarious.

That’s what I’d guess too, but I was hoping there was some factual answer as to who Castle is the pseudonym for?

I’ve only seen this season’s episodes, and I’ve only seen one episode (the poker playing one?) where there were recognizable writers. Even then I suppose I only recognized Stephen J Cannell.

The pilot is the only episode that featured any writers. In any case, it’s extremely unlikely the tie-in book was written by a big-name writer. The money would be far below what they usually get, as would the terms. Most likely, it’s some writer know to the publisher who has written tie-ins before.

Well, both pilots. The first episode of each season had his writer buddies.

Did we ever find out what was in the package Aunt Sally sent?

life insurance policy to prove the guy in jail and who died wasn’t the real killer or something like that.

I don’t think we did–which was probably intentional as a shout-out to the MacGuffin. It could have been anything though. Just something that showed that the one guy had an alibi.

No. It was the evidence that the guy in prison was innocent and taking a fall. Probably pointed right at the killer.

I really like this show, it’s pretty much the only one that I watch on a regular basis. Is anyone else getting a “Moonlighting” vibe?

Yes, which means that as soon as they sleep together, the show is done.

I hope the writers know that.

Anybody notice that one of the Wellesley brothers (Winston?) was the sheriff from The Train Job?

First thing I noticed when I saw him. Turns out he’s been in a lot of stuff that wouldn’t be of interest to me since Firefly, like the Gilmore Girls.

If interested in the book, I’m in the process of reading it. It’s written quite a bit like an episode, except that the book characters are named something other than the show characters (As well they should be as it’s supposed to have been written by Castle).

It’s a fun read, so far (and I’m just about done)

I find myself chuckling at quite a bit of the dialog. It rings very true to the show, so I would bet it’s written by the show’s writers.

And I’m surprised Beckett didn’t kick Castle’s ass for the love scene…

Good riddance anyway. They were pretty much self-complimenting the story of the show itself. “No THAT would be an interesting plot.”

Castle himself does that a lot, though. First season, the one with the three people who blew up an oil tanker, Castle says almost those exact words while at the poker game with the mayor, judge, and Beckett.

If he says it at the beginning of the episode, he’ll be wrong, but if he says it about 4/5 of the way through, he’ll be right.