Castro offers to send aid to Katrina victims; no response

Cuban President Fidel Castro has offered to send 1,500 doctors and 26 tons of supplies and equipment to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but after 48 hours the U.S. government still has made no response. What gives? I can understand how our government would not want to be beholden to Castro, but this is a major crisis! We need all the help we can get!

I don’t know either. We should be taking all the aid we can get.

I think Castro just offers stuff because he knows he’ll be declined.

The offer we should have accepted from Castro was to help oversee the 2004 election.

I think that was part of the calculations, for sure. He can’t really afford it, I don’t think, either.

The debate here is not whether Castro is sincere – we just don’t know yet – but whether the Bush administration is entitled to reject humanitarian aid just because it’s coming from Castro.

Maybe the real question is … How many of the doctors wouldn’t go back?

I think Castro loves kicking sand in our face. Every time we have offered him assistance with hurricane damaged areas (he gets his fair share of hurricanes down there), he has roundly rejected our offers.

You know he has survived as dictator of Cuba through the terms of 10 US Presidents? I don’t particularly care for the guy, but that is truly impressive.

The ones who have been selected for the trip have probably been vetted for loyalty and family ties. Just my WAG.

Just reread the article linked in the OP – the doctors of the “Henry Reeve Brigage” went to Southeast Asia to help out after the tsunami – and came back; so I guess Castro figures he can trust them.

And this is surprising…well, why exactly? This is Castro we are talking about…and Bush. Oil/water? Gas/fire?

Well, the US and Cuba aren’t exactly on speaking terms these days.

Its a major crisis, no doubt…but one we are mostly handling internally. Yes, we could use more support…and we are getting support from all over the world unless I’m mistaken. We simply don’t need 25 Cuban doctors (or whatever). I’m sure if Cuba wants to send a big check though…

Guess I’m not seeing the level of desparation on this. I’m not trying to lessen this crisis, but the US really isn’t this desparate for help that we need to accept it from Cuba. Again…its not like the rest of the world is giving us the cold shoulder, right?


Sorry, that was 1500 Cuban doctors.


It is an offer to start bridging the gap between Cuba and the USA, so of course
Bush refuses it. To do otherwise would be to act in the best interest of the people of two nations.

I doubt we need the aid, I doubt anyone wants to give Castro the propaganda points, and there are probably security issues in play.

Plus their families will likely stay in Cuba.

Security? If Castro wants to insert spies/saboteurs into the U.S., there are much easier ways.

I fail to see your point. There probably would be security issues involved even if it’d be a roundabout way to spy, and besides, I’m speculating about additional problems. This was never going to happen anyway.

Regardless of whether the US needs anything Cuba has to offer, it seems incredibly rude not to even reply to what could well be a genuine offer of help. As Cuba routinely declines US aid, maybe the US could be the more adult one here and accept Castro’s overtures.

My feelings exactly. It’s time we stop acting like dicks to anyone that hasn’t kissed our ass.

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Its americans like you that stop me from viewing americans as arrogant egotistical and full of themselves , thank you.