Cat behaviour question

Recently Pepsi, the "Egyptian Black Tabby "*, has started to carry things around - a little mat lovingly knitted by yours truly gets pulled out of his basket and dragged around the room and “killed” rather than slept on, a mini beanbag is picked up and hidden away. Added to that one of my cardigans risks getting chewed as does a fleece blanket.

Any ideas why ? Any solutions to the chewing (aside from spritzing which we’ve already thought of) ?I don’t want this to spread to other cushions and throws.
*ok, I admit it’s a made up breed, his mother was a stray tabby and who knows who dad was, we suspect he’s half alien :wink:

I’m clueless on this one. My cats have always done similar things, so I have no idea why he would suddenly start doing it. Has he been online a lot lately, or watching much TV?

BTW, the picture link didn’t work. I love made up breeds - Gwen is a Hawaiian Bat Cat.

Is your cardigan by any chance made of wool?

The three behaviors coming together suggests to me that your cat is either 1) just coming to maturity; or 2) has had some kind of change possibly. All three together would hint at an anxiety related problem to me, though there are some other possibilities depending on what’s going on.

Spritzing only works IME if it happens every time the bad behavior occurs and also only if it comes down like water from the sky – otherwise (again, IME) the cat generally concludes that its pet is a jerk and not much more. Holding kitty by her scruff, escalating to picking kitty up by her scruff and removing her, escalating to a little tap on the nose (as a mother cat does when she’s really pissed) has worked far better for me in extinguishing Evil Cat Behavior. But these only work if it really is Evil Cat Behavior and not some other damn thing.

No, it’s the video games. The point-and-pounce video games.

Fixed link (I hope) - btw yours didn’t work for me either. :frowning:

Nothing has really changed in our lifestyle altho’ we have did have a couple of loud Irish males stay for a few days shortly followed by frequent visits from a trio of family members including a 7 yr old (who didn’t harass him in any way). Yes the cardi is wool. He’s just turned four months so I guess he is growing up a bit - the little blanket, also wool, was a target as soon as it was finished a week or so ago.

PS It worked the second time, your link to the Bat Cat (verrrry nice). Right I’m off to hide all remote controls and consuls …

Squeeeeeeeeeee! Such a cute kitty! Gwen’s ears looked a lot like that when she was a baby - they were so much bigger than the rest of her we accused her of being able to fly.

Oh, a bit of siamese in there then. Siamese and Burmese and their cross breeds suck or chew on wool pretty often. Most grow out of it, though adding fiber to the diet can help for whatever reason. In the meantime, cover a couple of chew toys with lanolin and give them to him, eating wool is bad for the digestive system. Grow him a cat garden of grass or chives. Or feed him popcorn.

But since you have all three behaviors together and it’s a male cat coming to maturity, I’d say he is entertaining himself. He’s just a little bored and edgy.

You can just get a laser pointer and go to town letting him chase it (all my cats loved laser pointers) but I have always favored changing the environment for cat entertainment.

Putting a couple of large rocks (no joke) in his food bowl or even hiding his food around the house – the objective being that he then has to “hunt” for his food – can go a long way. They have these little balls you can put kibble in and the cat has to chase it to get the kibble out, bit by bit. Those are good. Or if you feed him wet food, put some in a toilet paper roll or papertowel roll and toss it on the floor. He’ll get it out one way or the other and be very happy in the process. Or you can get a biggish stick or something with some holes in it and put the food in there and let him get it out.

But I would try, in general, increasing the number of problems he has to solve during his day.

Yep, sounds like The Mighty Hunter is coming into Tomhood. (He is neutered, right? If not, now’s the time!) Everything you describe is cat hunting behavior. Neutering him might discourage it somewhat. You can also get sprays to discourage cats from biting stuff, or make your own citrus spray for your sweaters and blankets. Make sure he has a bunch of toys that he can “hunt” and drag, though, or he’ll get creative. There’s nothing worse than a creative cat.

I also like the kibble ball **Marienne **mentions. I’ve not seen those before, but they sound great! (Maybe even a way to get my fat old Queen off her butt and exercising.)

Will look for the “kibble ball”, sounds just up his street. French vets seem loathe to operate younger than 6 months but, trust me, as soon as we can he’s getting “the snip” :eek:
THanks for the ideas - hey, I may have a half siamese at home, wow !

I recommend restricting the problem set to one side of a piece of paper, and I draw the line at trigonometry.

On the other hand, he should be studying his Catechism. And perhaps learning to read CAT scans. If he wants to take a break, he can play Cat’s Cradle.

Just don’t let him build any catapaults. The results could be catastrophic.


Someone posted about making a cat toy/puzzle from toilet paper roll cores. I saved up 10 cores and glued them in a pyramid shape. Occasionally I’ll hide bits of dry cat food or treats in the spaces, and let the cats puzzle them out. This gives the cats something to do, other than hork up their latest meal (which seems to amuse them, too).

I’ve found that practice golf balls and softballs make excellent cat toys. I also have a weaselball, a remote control mouse, and a couple of laser poiinters. We dig these out and play with the cats every couple of days. We also give the cats lots and lots of attention. Why have a cat if you’re not gonna pick it up and give it a big ol’ hug several times a day?

The little thing gets taken for “walks” in the park every few days and there’s seldom a day he doesn’t get a good stretch of exercise hunting a string mouse as it gets rolled/thrown up and down between Ponster and I - he loves it, jumping, ambushing, watching … but I will try to find more stuff for him when he’s on his own and have started collecting cardboard loo roll holders.