Cat Cruelty

Christopher Lees aged 18 of Birmingham, England has been ‘detained’ for four months for repeatedly throwing a cat from the 5th floor of a housing tower block balcony, a height of 60 feet.The cat had to be put down after its ordeal.

This useless pile of festering wormshit provided running commentary as a cell phone was used to film the incident.

He has also been banned from keeping animals for 5 years.

Four months???

FFS what the hell is going on here?

By all that’s holy I wish some cat lover would take this twat and toss him off a balcony

Not only is he cruel to animals, but he’s also a vampire and a Sith lord.

That’s Christopher Lee my good fellow not Lees

Leave off the last ‘s’ for savings. :smiley:

Well four whole months without a Burberry hat might well straighten this one out. :smiley:

Not a big cat fan myself, but this is just stupid. To hell with him.

Is it possible-and I quite like cats, so I’m not defending this guy, and my general opinion on people who abuse animals is that they should be smeared with honey and thrown into the bear cage at the zoo-that Mr. Lees might not have thought what he was doing would hurt the cat? It has been documented that sometimes cats can fall from a great height relatively unscathed. Maybe Mr Lees thought this was the norm rather than an exception, and that his cat would just land safely and walk away? If so it might account for a lighter sentence. I don’t know, I’m just tossing it out there, there was no link in the OP for me to read.

Obviously. That’s why I posted two links.

There is a special Hell for child molesters, cat abusers, and people who talk at the theater.

With any luck, the next cat he meets will be one of these.

The BBC says it’s a bit more than that - they were broadcasting it on mobile phones for fun.

Oh yeah, that’s a person we want back into Society.

Sounds like a serial killer in the making . But I’m sure he can be rehabilitated :dubious:

Well, that’s quite a bit different. Thank you for the link. You grab the honey, I’ll meet you at the bear cage.

Can I slap him around a few times before you let the bears have him? Abusing animals for the fun of it is one of the few things that really makes me violent. Not to mention sick to my stomach. Now I have 8 furbabies to hug to try to get the taste of that out of my mouth. And maybe some brain bleach.

I love my cat dearly, and I’m an animal lover in general. I’m also a professional animal killer (animal research), and though the killing isn’t wanton, and is as humane as possible, I suppose I can’t claim any moral superiority to these lads.

I am disturbed by this behavior, though. Torturing an intelligent and emotive creature just for the fun of it is considered a psychopathological risk factor, so I’d be keeping my eye on Lees once he’s sprung.

Pretty much. I think it makes me more upset to hear about animals being tortured because they’re inferior to humans-because it’s so cowardly to pick on something that can’t really fight back.

When my oldest brother heard about cats landing on their feet, he decided to see for himself by tossing one out the apartment window. Watching it get impaled on a fence put a stop to any repeat attempts.

I hate your brother.

At least get some more information first. For all we know his brother was 5 years old.

Somewhere around that age, yes.

Five is totally old enough to know not to throw animals out of a window. It’s not brain surgery.