Cat Farts

I have a cat. It farts, ALOT. I have tried changing it’s diet but it doesnt seem to help. And the smell! Oh…My…God. I thought mine were bad.

There is nothing more embarrassing then sitting with my girlfriend, watching a movie and my cat walks right in front of us, stops, and “pfttt”, and unleashes hot furry. Then my cat looks up at us like, “heh…you hear that?”

At first it was funny. Now it’s out of control! Does anyone know any remedies to de-gas a cat?

The question I have for you is, why would you want to de-gas your cat?

Think about it…

This gives you carte blanche to fart whenever the cat is around. Let one out, wrinkle your nose, and yell, “damn cat!”

We had a fascinating discussion a while back: Can I give ‘BEANO’ to my stinky cat??? It turns out that corn, one of the principle ingredients in pet food (canned and dry) is high in oligosaccharides (as are beans). If the oligosaccharides aren’t broken down by enzymes, they will be consumed by bacteria in the digestive tract which produce gas. There is a product called CurTail for dogs and cats that contains an enzyme that breaks down the oligosaccharides.

I had this problem with my kitten. My vet recomended switching from Kit n’ Kaboodle to Science Diet or Iams. If little Fluffy is still coughing up stinkballs out of her ass after eating it, then I’m stuck for any further help.

How long has Tabby been on the new diet?