Cat high school yearbook

Not sure if this goes here or CS, but here we go. . .
A while back, I used to have a book that was basically a highschool yearbook, but with cats. Posed photos of dressed cats as the students and teachers and everything, and all laid out like a high school yearbook and very humorously written. I seem to remember that the cover was blue, and it was at least 8.5" x 11" (and bigger I think), but that’s about all I remember. I imagine it was copyright 1980-something.

“cat high school yearbook” on google just gets me various “wildcats” high schools.


After I posted, I thought to try Amazon (I thought it was too old to be on there, at first…), and found it.

“Cat High: The Yearbook” if anyone’s interested.

Cat High: The Yearbook, by Terry de Roy Gruber, 1988, published by Prima Publishing and Communications, PO Box 1260H, Rocklin CA 95677

Did you know “Dressed Cats” is a whole sub-community of collectors? I think they mostly do postcards, greeting cards, and such stuff. Maybe those little porcelain kitty statuettes.

My god, I have that book. My sister had it and was going to toss it and I, being the cat lover I am, claimed it. I still have it in my basement, but the main thing I remember about that book is that the group of cat faces used was rather small and I had fun going though and picking out which cats they had used twice and even more times. “OMG, Mr. Brown is also Bobby!”

::shakes fist:: I could have answered this question!