Cat medecine commercial

I think it’s for Advance multi or something. Protects against heartworms and such. That part is irrelevant though.

The end of the commercial shows a cat on the floor right next to a rocking chair that is being used. Some of you see where this is going I’m sure. Anyways, the cat’s tail is flicking in and out of the path of the crushing rocking chair leg. Most cat owners I’ve known would shriek “watch out for the cat’s tail!” in such a situation.

The commercial didn’t look altered in any way, so I’m assuming it was a real cat and chair. Why would they have such a scene in a commercial made for cat lovers? There is a line that says something about the cat keeping one step ahead of the heartworms etc., but I don’t think that the scene was supposed to be depicting the cat deftly avoiding the rocker leg.

Anyone else seen this? I found it to be a bit strange.

See, and that’s exactly what I thought the scene was doing.

I thought it was a send-up to a very old cartoon gag.

The kitty spent the whole commercial avoiding disaster, just like the medicine will help him avoid heartworm. See?

I actually liked the commercial. Usually pets in commercials are “enhanced” too be more people-like, with the stupid facial expressions and talking and whatnot. It was nice to see this kitty just being a lucky kitty.

When I saw this ad, the first thing I though of was the old expression “He was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”

Ah, that’s what I get for only paying attention to the last part of a commercial. Makes more sense now.