Cat Peeing on the Carpet

The cat is making poo in her litter box, but has taken to peeing on the carpet in the dining room. When I returned from Saudi, the stench was overwhelming. I threw away the carpet. I got a new one and she behaved herself for several weeks.

Now she is doing it again and I am shampooing the carpet every day. She and I move around the house circling each other like some sort of weird interspecies sumo match.

  1. Is there a chemical product that might help in this situation.
  2. Failing that, what is the correct postage to affix to the animal’s forehead in order to ensure she is delivered to someplace far from here?

I feel for ya Paul. We have been having the same problem.

Since our carpet is old and on the list to replace, I’ve been cutting it up and using throw rugs. I’m a little worried about getting new carpet, but it is on the list, but pretty far on the bottom of the list.

Anyway, we have had some success with the products sold by Natures Miracle. PetSmart may carry it. And I would talk to your vet about possible urinary tract infections and such. It’s pretty common in cats.

If you are fortunate that she is peeing on more or less one spot, you can try putting a litter box right there. Ours used the box because it was right there by or on the spot they pee’d. After several days, we started moving the box across the room to a more convenient spot, out of the way in a closet.

Our vet also said to clean the box(es) more often; which did seem to help.

I am cleaning the litter box every morning. I will put an additional one at the designated place.

Incidentally, we talk of “horse shit!” and “bullshit!” but for pure evil we never mention cat effluent.

Kitty may have a urinary tract infection, or may be otherwise feeling unwell. It might be time for a checkup.

There is stuff called “Feliway” that is supposed to calm nervous kitties with the use of cat pheromones, and end “remarking” of previously pee-ed upon locations.

Thank you all.

This is why I can not stand cats

I don’t own any of their stock and I probably should for how often I mention it in these cases;

Oxyclean does the absolute best job I’ve ever seen on removing cat pee from fabrics. I don’t even use it at anywhere near full strength.

For carpet spots, I mix some in a spray bottle I keep around. Works great for other stains in the carpet too. The trick is that it foams up and/or gives off gasses for quite a while after mixed with water, so DO NOT put it in the spray bottle and seal up, or it’ll burst the bottle. Put about 1/8th of a scoop in the bottle, fill about 3/4 with water, then leave it sit for several hours first.

You do realize that this is not a common everyday occurence.

I’ve had a couple of cats live long lives (18+ years) without ever soiling outside their litter box.

How do you feel about dogs? We have both so its a trade-off. Having to walk a dog / not being able to leave it alone for a couple of days is an anchor attached to your leg. At least healthy cats can be left unattended for a few days.

OK, so the carpet has been oxy-cleaned and is now drying. I will move the table back into place, and then (upon the advice of my sister-in-law) move the cat food to the area in question. THe idea is the cat will not pee where she eats.

Updates as events require.

Yes, to both and also yes to more frequent scooping.

My cat has never gone “outside the box” in 10 years.