Cat People - Our Pregnant Cat is having trouble - Need answers Fast

Any Cat People online with birthing experience? Our cat has been walking around with what looks like an amniotic sac hanging out for about an hour now, it’s full of fluid but no kitten. Every so often we can see a foot or a tail swishing around but then she sucks it back up inside. Is this normal? Is there anything we can do? All answers appreciated, I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ no kitties.

I promise cute pictures in return for all the help I can get.


Geez, what are you doing waiting around for answers from people on a message board for? Call a vet, please!

If money is a problem, they may be willing to advise you over the phone. Mine does.

I’m a veterinary technician. Not normal. This cat needs vet attention now. If your regular vet’s office is closed, take her to the nearest emergency room. She may need a cesarian if she can’t pass the kitten.

What SeaDragonTattoo said. You could lose both mom and kittens. Go!

Ok, we called the vet, the vet said that stress and noise was most likely the reason she delayed labor. We were in the middle of a birthday party for one of the seven kids we have running around here so I got them all settled down and away from the queen so she could relax.

Shortly after that the first kitten was stillborn. To be honest it was deformed which could also have been part of the problem. Mama cat did what mama cats do in such a situation.

The second one came out, it seems ok.

She is pushing the third one now.

See, this is why I’m not a cat person (but I’ll still post cute pics when it’s all over).

Thanks for all advise so far, any further advise is greatly appreciated.

ETA: There is a tiny mewing sound coming from the bathroom right now, this could be a good sign.

Glad to hear things seem to be OK. Noise and commotion can definitely be an issue, and could continue to be, so don’t be surprised if she starts to move the litter once she’s done. She may try to find a low-traffic area she knows will be quiet and less threatening for her babies. A closet where you can keep the door wedged open would be ideal. Under the bed isn’t always a great spot because you can’t check on the litter under there very well. If she moves them to a place that you don’t mind, let her leave them there so you can keep track of everybody. If you move them, she will probably move them herself again.

Make sure wherever she moves the litter, you place food, water, litterbox nearby. She should have kitten-formultated food while she’s nursing. She needs the extra fat, calories and calcium for herself and to pass on to the babies, then when the babies start to experiment with food it will already be the formulation they need too. (If she doesn’t get enough calcuim, she will have seizures)

Please, please consider getting her spayed as soon as the kittens stop nursing. It may seem pushy for me to say so, but I can’t stress the issue enough, and I say this to everyone I come across. (I work for a shelter and an ER, so I come across a lot of people.) No one is spared! Every puppy and kitten born takes away a chance for a shelter puppy/kitten to be adopted.
I avoided adding my sig on previous post because it seemed too much at the time.

Please ask any quesitons, I’ll be glad to help if I can!

Ok, two are out successfully, working on the third.

First cute pic (if blood and goo coated cats are cute):

**SeaDragonTattoo **thanks for the help. She was obviously preggers when we found her (this is a dumpster kitty) but next on the agenda is a trip to the vet. I don’t know if she’s broken or not but she’s about to get fixed.

(Can you tell I don’t like cats? When you see me cuddled up on the couch with the cat on my chest watching tv can you still tell I don’t like cats?)

Excellent news, I’m glad!

Scarlett, dog person with 3 cats

Good news! Thanks for rescuing her. I’m leaving work now (ahem…surrounded by about 285 cats at the shelter) and running some errands before going home. I’ll check in later - you’re quick with the pics!

And then there were four.

Sorry about the poor quality, i’ll post better ones when she is done and we can turn on the lights.

i’m glad she is doing better.

i don’t think any female would like to give birth in the middle of a party! a nice calm private place is much better.

good luck with the wee ones. they look like little bear cubs at first, with in a few weeks they will get their mittens. it is fasinating to see them develope from moment one. each day they will do more than the day before.

Gosh, I loves me some kittens. I’m glad she’s doing okay.

Aww pretty kitties!

I second the advice not to let her put the kittens under a bed. My mother in law found a pregnant cat (aptly named Momma Cat) and brought her home and set her up in the spare room. A couple of weeks after MC had her kittens we found one strangled in the gauze tacked to the bottom of the box springs (it was an old bed and the gauze was falling down). Unless your bed is well off the ground, I’d suggest fixing it so your momma cat can’t put the kittens under there.

It looks like four is it - one black with some white, one white with some black, one all white and one calico.

Here are some photos of the spawn:

They’re all doing fine and quite comfortable nesting in the back bathroom.
So, anyone want some fresh doper kittens in about 6 - 8 weeks? I’m willing to deliver (most of Indiana, maybe parts of Illinois, Ohio or Kentucky)

Awww, itty bitty kitties! Sooooo cute!

Too bad I’m in Idaho, or I’d probably take one!

Awwwwwwwww… Kitten pile! melts

Good thing I’m all the way up here in the frozen northlands… otherwise, I’d be awfully tempted to take one off your hands (even though the other three inhabitants of the house would not be impressed by this).