Cat Poisoning and a Question

And that, friends, is the reason I have cats in the first place. Of course in trying to be humane, somewhere along the line I’ve become the bad guy.

If I catch anybody hurting my cats, I will hurt them. If i catch anyone shooting my cats, I will shoot them. Simple really.

I don’t care how much the lady referenced in the article linked in the OP loves birds. I love birds. I love hearing and seeing them fly around, and I don’t like seeing dismembered avian corpses. But anyone poisoning cats like that are just mental shits. If she had a really issue with the cats, she could try trapping them (as a lovely neighbour did to those we used to have here). It ain’t wonderful, but at least the animal isn’t dying after hours of racking pain.

I agree that pet owners should be responsible for their pets. Because I’m not home all the time, this is why I don’t have pets anymore – they’re a responsibility and a tie. But what that batshit lady did is cruelty. I bet she’ll only get the equivalent of a slap on th’ wrist for it too. Grr. :mad:

We poison insects, rats, mice, and other pests. What’s so mental about poisoning a cat? Seriously, I know they’re cute and people love 'em but it doesn’t strike me as mental.


Poisoning any animal so they die after hours of pain, as I said in my post, is mental.

I’ll add this: especially when there’s alternatives to dealing with “pests”, as one sees them.

Hmm, if my neighbor lets her toddlers run free, can I poison 'em? What if they poop in my yard or kill my gladiolas?

I apologize for my previous post. Please disregard. thanks

An apology? Not at all. I very nearly posted the same thing. It’s a valid point.

FTR, I wasn’t condoning her actions whatsoever. It’d be hard to, seeing as I’m a card-carrying PeTA member and whatnot [oh, hush, I know] – my main point was that if the owner had simply kept the cats in his house/yard, it wouldn’t have happened. He carries a good deal of the liability here.

If he kept his cats inside, they’d have gone nuts. I can’t see how you can keep cats confined to a yard if they’ve always wandered. That said – perhaps he should have had them put to sleep after the first complaint, maybe? His neighbour was obviously as much of a hazard, as it turned out, as the cars on the road.

Simple, indeed. Fortunately, you’ll likely end behind bars, where you belong to, if you actually begin to shoot people.

For some mysterious reason, we tend to be more protective of human toddlers than to cats and rats…
I don’t like the concept of cats being kept indoors. I don’t like the concept of cats being “fixed” either. And finally, I really, really, don’t like the concept of comparing an human life with a cat’s life (be it : “you shoot my cat, I shoot you” or "can I poison toddlers too? or, as I occasionnally read here “I woud save my pet’s life before I would save a stranger’s life”).

Well, yeah? If I had to choose one over the other, the pet’d come first. So? It’s family, and the stranger is …well, not. :dubious:

I’m all for keeping pets inside the yard, particularly cats. Not because I’m interested in being Good Neighbour Of The Year, but because even if your cat is neutered, the strays in the area aren’t and toms aren’t fussy. Also, strays bite and claw and fight with your own cats. And there’s this thing called Feline AIDS which is highly contagious.

This part of the story has been troubling me:

Am I right in thinking that the cat-owner, after calling the emergency clinic and being told the cats were poisoned, then did NOTHING other than let them writhe in agony until they died? Did it never occur to him to take the cats to a vet right away and have them put out of their misery? WTF???

Family? Your relatives are likely to give birth to kittens?

The stranger is a human being, the cat is an animal, like the cow you’re munching the flesh of.

I’d rather quit here. This kind of statement where people put human life below a cat’s life irritates me to no end. I completely despise this total lack of concern for human life.

Kudos to the old lady. It’s unfortunate that she’s being prosecuted if the nuisance animals were killed on her property. Only the irresponsible cat owner should be prosecuted in this case.

Wait-are you saying your cats aren’t even fixed?

Toddlers are humans. Cats are things. :rolleyes:

Does the Austraulian government and their severe firearms registration scheme know about your homicidal tendencies? Besides being a dangerous, violent nutcase, letting cats roam in Australia is hugely irresponsible. They have absolutely wreaked havoc on the native fauna there.

He specifically stated they were fixed. He’s saying that he has cats only because he had a litter born on his property.

The difference between poisoning cats and rats/squirrels/etc. is that the rats and squirrels don’t have homes with owners and families who care about them. Feral cats would be fair game. It’s not about the cat, it’s about the pet.

I disagree with what this woman did. She complained to animal control but never bothered to ask the neighbors to keep them out of her yard? I’m betting they were never even aware she had an issue, and out of the blue she kills their pets. A visit or even an anonymous letter to mention that she planned to lay the poison, so they’d better keep the cats away would have even been acceptable. But this was wrong. I’m glad she’s being charged.
I also wonder why the family didn’t take them to be euthanized once they knew it was fatal. Twits.