cat spray question

now, I know Cecil did a colum about what cat spray is or why they do it. But my question is simple. How the heck do you get rid of that awful smell??? We’ve tried everything. Now we have a few neighbourhood cats outside out window at night making our cat very nervous. Those cats have sprayed outside the window, and now that the weather is good, we open that window and WHAM! Cat spray smell! Also, when our cat gets distraught, she may just pee on an article of clothing left on the floor. I already had to throw out a pair of shoes because of the smell. Anyone know of any good remedy to this??? Thanks!

*Several years ago we had a small bottle of skunk smell remover from a hunting specialty shop that worked quite well for removing cat spray smell, unfortunately I never could find the stuff again when I ran out.

I have used vinegar to clean cat spray and that seems to help. Sometimes I have to re-apply it. I doubt that it removes the odor well enough to convince a cat that it is gone, but humans have a comparitively lousy sense of smell and it works well enough for them.

…go to your local PetsMart or somesuch pet store and ask them for an enzyme treatment for cat urine. There are several brands. They are sprayed on and left to dry. They work like a charm…with three cats, believe me, I know! :smiley: