Cat Stevens to go on tour

I’m sure it’s all over all news agencies by now, but here’s the CBC take on things.

Wow. This is huge, IMHO.

Cat Stevens was an icon of enormous proportion in the 1970s, and then dropped out of site when he converted to Islam.

It sounds like maybe one of his reasons was to help correct the image of Islam as violent which has pervaded the West in recent decades, when he is clearly a pacifist.

I could definitely get behind that.

Maybe Cat can calm down some of the vitriol against Islam. I doubt it but I applaud him for performing in the US. I wonder if it will be a mix of old and new music?

I can’t imagine all the BS and news spin that will happen because of this. We don’t all agree with the stuff that the media puts out…

not everybody thinks it’s so clear:

Since then, he has waffled and backtracked a lot, and claimed he was misunderstood.

But Salmon Rushdie, who I think knows a thing or two about fatwas and muslim extremism has said:

My suggestion: he should go on tour as Cat Stevens, not Yusaf Islam. Play his old songs that everybody loves , and re-create Cat Stevens on stage.
That’s what people are nostalgic for, and want to pay for.
Because , damn, those songs were good.

He can go to hell as far as I’m concerned, over the Rushdie comments. I’d never go see him.

I even feel guilty when Cat Stevens songs come up in iTunes rotation. (But not THAT guilty - they are good songs, after all. I like Stranglehold, too. Yeah, that’s a concert I’d see, Ted Nugent opening for Cat Stevens!)

Wasn’t he disallowed admittance to the US? And didn’t he fake cancer? Whatever. Like others have said… I would go see Cat Stevens, but I don’t think I want to see Yussef.

He was on Colbert, just a few years ago (as Yusaf Islam, I think). The remarkable thing was that, although he was playing new material, he still sounded exactly like Cat Stevens from the '60s and '70s.

He and Ozzy were at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in DC in 2010 when I went.

I was kinda fun watching them war over Peace Train or Crazy Train. :wink:

Well, everyone makes mistakes. I’d have more respect for him if he actually admitted a mistake, even granting that the interview may not have revealed how he actually felt (they often don’t).

And yeah, such great music.

I agree. I have zero respect for him and even though he made some good music, I no longer will listen to it.

That was my favorite part of the event!